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GSF1200 gearbox issues


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12 hours ago, clivegto said:

The prosese is supposed to make the external metal harder as well as smooth. We will see.

The impact of the cleaning media work hardens the surface.

When I worked for a clutch manufacturer they use to shot blasting one side of the diaphragm spring to set it.

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I used to get gearboxes for the Comp / FB from Robinson Industries Inc - New York USA. Bloody good gear, not cheap but worked except when pilot error bent the shift shafts DOH - LOL! Any gearbox that can go a whole season in a FB as a flat shift 5 speed auto without breaking will get my $$$

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In bandit engines the common problem is that 3rd and 4th gear loose theeths hardening treatment and start to whine and rattle more than dogs engagement issues.

I was looking to superfinish too, it costs nearly 300€ for a single gearbox here in Bologna. But if the hardening is cheap and weak it's just a matter of time. I've asked for some shoot peening too, but the request is a whopping 6-700€ plus 300€ for the superfinishing. With some new gears needed you're very close to nova gearbox. Even if it's a 6 speed and I'm working on turbo engines.

The Guy Martin's Martek has a 6 speed gearbox and has been dynoed at 280bhp at the wheel at the pikes peak start altitude. 

I can't decide what to do at the moment, but my 3rd gear is getting worst.


Very interesting the work on the selector and gearbox play

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On 2/28/2019 at 9:50 PM, jonny1bump said:

Think put pics in my build thread, but did it backwards as finished bike the talked about it. Oh well lol.

I've ridden all the 18 pages..simply amazing. 
You wrote that it takes a weekend to work on the gearbox, it's not just for reducing play of the selector I suppose. 



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Does anyone have a selector drum bearing outside of the cases? It would be interesting to find the ID/OD of both the inner and outer races for the shims. McMaster-Carr here in the US has metric carbon steel round shims for cheap. Might be worth it for future gearboxes to save labor/fingers of making shims from stock.

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