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Best modern shock replacement for 91-92 GSX-R


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..... i'll play along with this one and quote a shock distributor.:


- do you ride track / race / off - road ?

- do you ride solo / duo?

- do you ride with luggage?

- what do you weigh incl gear?

- are you fast or slow?

- what is your budget?

- etc....

just some of the  questions I got from Hyperpro.


My point is... what might work for me - 115 kg incl gear, mostly solo and sedate commuting - will not be the best option for you IF you are a light weight jockey and dragrace it all the time.

Welcome btw..... hop over to general and introduce yourself ;)




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As allready  noted , it's all about use/cost/Spec! Every one has a difference of opinion and experiences. We have all tried many conatations over years, some work some don't .ive used ohlins/hagon/k tech/ wp/  Oem gsxr k4/5 fit well ,  I've just modded a Nitron bandit shock Ntr2 to suit my needs . But hey what ever you find to suit your bike, Just make it happen.



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On 2/19/2019 at 9:19 AM, Sandman said:

One of the best rear shock is Ohlins SU503. This shock is for the GSXR 1000 K5/K6. I have used this shock for all my race builds GSXR 750 -88, GSXR 1100 -90 with GSXR 750 -95 swingarm, including a GSXR 750 RR.

I need to ask? How? I have a `91 750, with a `95 arm. I bought an `06 1000 shock and it won't fit. Seems the upper mount just doesnt line up.


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I Second that on the BMW S1000R. 2009-2014 Will fit straight in. 

stroke is a few mm short and so is the height eye to eye. But u will not notice the difference. 
stocks ones go for £150 Or so. And an Ohlins u might get for £800



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