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What Do I Have ??


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In this box is a kit to convert an 1100  from a 5 to a 6 speed with every thing needed (So I was told),Gears,Cable Clutch,Covers,Spacer's etc,

I bought off a (very nice)guy on Eblag about 5 years ago and its sat with its contents shrunk wrapped inside since,never got around to fitting it and never will now,

What I found recently in this forum's archive was a thread on everything that was needed to know regarding this type of conversion,

The author suggested more than one way of doing the swap and I would be interested to know what I have here,

If I unwrap and layout the contents and upload some pics is there any one on here who could tell me what I have ?



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1 hour ago, george 1100 said:

I'll have a crack


This looks familiar: Apparently, the queen receives on average 2 boxes of turds through the post each week. I keep wondering who's sending her the other one........

The old ones are the best etc. etc. etc. I'll get me coat.

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