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Found 2 results

  1. I have been a Suzuki lover since my first one back in 1982. It was a 78 GS1000E, and after my first ride home on it I was hooked on Suzuki power. I also loved two strokes since my first one back in 1984 (RZ350)....But Suzuki stopped selling two strokes in the States back in 1976 At the end of the year in 2007, I bought myself a modern stroker (RS250 Cup) for track days. And since that had a Suzuki VJ22 based engine, I thought that was as close as I could get here with sporting Suzuki power. But as I got wiser I found a few RGV's here in the States, as I looked for RS engine spares. I now had a VJ21L, a VJ22FL, and a VJ22N.....but I really wanted the last of them all....the infamous VJ23 And one day I had a call to pick up a crate.....drove to Chicago to pick it up and brought it home.....wondering the condition of it's contents inside. after the long trip from Japan. Two weeks before, I had a smaller box on my door step....
  2. I'm restoring a 1990 vj21 and wanted to check what 18" rear tyre choices exist. What is everyone else using or do I need to find a 17" wheel?
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