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Found 5 results

  1. 06 Katana 600F. Same issue, No spark. Have checked the coil inputs, ignition and interlock, pulse generator signals to the ICU. 12.4V at the battery and interlock input. 11.2V at the ignition input. 12.4V at the coils. Pulse generator pulsing. No square wave at the output of the ICU. (I see very noisy short pulses on a o-scope at the ICU output, but not nice square waves like I am expecting) I cannot figure out the neutral switch voltages at the ICU. Can someone help with that? The neutral light is ON, but what voltages should I see at the ICU for the Neutral inputs? The coil input voltage drops to about 10.6V when the starter is spinning, which does not seem right. Does anyone have voltage and signal levels at each ICU Pin? I can only find partial voltages and signals in the service manuals, and online. I think the ICU is bad, but without knowing what the correct voltages, and signals at the ICU I cannot test it. History: Bike has been down a LOT. Previous owner wired in a toggle switch in place of the ignition key-switch, and has been running fine with 12v to the ICU input. But suddenly it has no spark. Is it possible the 12V input to the ICU has blown it out? The kickstand and clutch switches do nothing. The starter spins regardless of the clutch and kickstand position. I see no evidence of switch bypasses.
  2. It's my first Suzuki its 1982 Suzuki gs650gl bought at a good price got it running had alot of issues carbs fuel tanks but had always been some what reliable about a week ago had a short at the fuse box and I haven't seen a lick of spark since I like to think I a pretty far mechanic on any gas engine but know when to find people with knowledge about this machine was running great really the best it had ran with no issues fuse box shorted to ground my fault I replaced coils one the old coils was cracked was hoping that's was it I did pickup a used signal generator because I couldn't find a igniter been doing research everything says dynatek but I don't believe the make anything for this model any help would be appreciated sorry I dropped in with my problems
  3. ccroaker


    just a quick hello .... new to the site. i ll apologise in advance for probably asking stupid questions and looking for advice.. im from ireland and have a 76/77 gs 750
  4. Hey guys I'm back after a very long absence of owning a new vehicle in the shape of a k3 gsxr 1000, the was knicked, insurance underpaid so I now have a bandit 600 until premiums go down so far I have fitted dynacoils, iggy advancer, stage 1 kit and a temporary hiflo filter while I source a K&N one. I have a full system to go on, them exhaust bolts though.... I've also replaced the caliper seals and head bearings it feels like a new bike from that work!
  5. Hi, I'just registred on this site. I've been hanging around here and getting some valuable info for months, but decided to register at last. My ride is ''another MK1 Blandit 1200'' as You would say here, but I'm halfway through Turbo'ing process at the moment, hope it helps I should get my engine back from the builder in this week, It was bored to 1216, fitted with busa slugs, APE studs etc... Now i'm just waiting for my turbokit and lockup to arrive from UK . My previous bike was '93 1100wp, and before that (first japanese) Kwak gpx600pieceofs*it. I'm leaving out the soviet stuff that I started with And that's what it looked like before winter teardown
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