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Found 3 results

  1. Ibbo

    Jonnson forks

    Hi all, I have a Gs1000 with 1100k front forks fitted. The left hand oil seal has been leaking for a while, so I decided it was time to get it swapped ready for mot. When I removed the bearing the fork leg underneath was engraved jonnson. I'm curious to hear if anyone knows who he, or she might be. I'm thinking they could be a suspension tuner, or previous owner maybe. They are both the same.
  2. Hi new to the forum be kind, Looking to upgrade my Forks to a more modern set up, Ideas or thoughts ?
  3. Hi All Been away for a while after selling my GS1000 I had for 20 odd years, regretted it the very same day. I have just picked myself up what I would call a GSXR 600 SRAD 1998 in need a of a F*** load of TLC Usual thing strip all bodywork off to check everything is ok. Cracked bits missing 20 different screws holding it all together Headlight mounts are a bit knackered so headlight will be changed. No damage to frame or forks so how that happened don`t know. The PO didn`t seem to know much about other than he road it for last 2 years with change of oil etc. Will check forks for straightness once get dry spell Anyway after checking adjusters on forks twiddle OK I was surprised to see my compression adjusters on the bottom of the forks have disappeared No where to be seen, I`m sure when I had one of these back in 98 it had adjusters on the bottom. Can anyone confirm if it should have?
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