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Found 2 results

  1. The racing blandit is sold so a trip down south today to collect next seasons race project,back home now here’s a couple of pics before putting her in the shed.I’ll document the build as it progresses,hopefully get her ready for some racing next year
  2. It looks like my slabby carbs are in need of serious tlc as the idle /cold start ccts don’t appear to work as intended , it’s a pig to cold start and hot starts are on a whim and prayer. Idle mixture settings are rich to ease cold starts. So should I attempt to locate another set of vm29ss given they will probably be the same if not already rebuilt or get a set of new RS34s? My thought are fully rebuilt vms are running close cost wise to new RS carbs though I do want to keep airbox stock. Any thoughts issues ? Ps does the central throttle cable pos on RS carbs cause issues on slabbies. Will rs34s fit slabbing intake boots and airbox trumpets ? I don’t think I need bigger than 34s as engine is stock and when it is running is fast enough for my aged brain having got it up to 10k going through gears.
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