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  1. I hope this isn't too late to the party but I did a similar swap a few years back, with an 1127 into a 750 Inazuma. To confirm, the lump wait straight into the frame with no problems whatsoever, IIRC using all the original engine mounts and bolts. I don't remember any issues with the fuel tap not clearing the top of the lump, but it was a long time ago now. I do remember the bottom of the tank is very, very close to the top of the lump. Regards to the loom, I'm pretty sure I used the loom and CDI from the 750. The wiring on the 1127 CDI was totally different. I had to take the timing rotor off the 750 motor and put it into the 1127 as they were totally different shapes. I do remember having a hell of a time doing this as the hex bolt holding the 1127 rotor in place had been chewed up - if I didn't remember hours and hours of drilling and grinding to get it out, I'd have told you l'd used the 1127 CDI and loom. Because that's what any sensible person would do. However you get on, you won't regret the swap - my Inazuma was an absolute riot with that motor installed, and I always regretted having to let it go when I did.
  2. Sorry if this is a bit of a daft question but I've owned and ridden a few oil-cooled GSXRs over the years and loved them to bits, but only briefly rode a 750WP. I did buy an 1100WP motor for a project, but plans changed and I sold it on before I'd even fired it up. I'm looking for something else to play with and there's a few 1100WPs about, how do they compare to the slingshot 11 in terms of ride? Do they still have that proper character, but with more power and more weight? Thanks
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