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  1. Thanks large gent on a Blandit, much appreciated.
  2. Could anyone please confirm the fork leg diameter of an 1100M is 52mm ? (for clip on fitment) Thanks in advance.
  3. Nice one Crass. for what sounds a simple fix, its a right pain aint it !!!!
  4. Gixerjonah


    Could someone inform me if the ignition & starter clutch cases on an 88 slabby 1100 are the same as an 1100m slingy ? Thanks in advance.
  5. Can anyone help me with a paint code please. Its for the black wheels (which are now red) on my 1100M. Thanks in advance.
  6. That fat bloke on a bandit knows what hes on about !! Go to a reputable dyno, its the quickest & best way.
  7. Totally agree with Quist. when using stainless bolts ceramic grease is far better than copperslip. Have been using it for a while now with not a prob.
  8. Fuck me sideways your a brave man !!! Goin to be watching this with interest. Full marks for enthusiasm !!
  9. If i were to fit GSXR1000 headers to my 1100M, what link pipe would be required in order to fit a Yoshi RS3 can ? Cheers fellas.
  10. They do fit, you'll just have to adjust your rebound and damping.
  11. Oh my goodness me !! In my humble opinion this bike sums up OSS !! Think its gorgeous !!
  12. Am i right in thinking that headers from a GSXR 1000 K2~4 will fit my 1100M ? Do any other headers/collectors fit allowing a 4 into 1 and the bottom fairing / bellypan to fit ?? Thanks fellas.
  13. Ha Ha Ha, What you saying Captain !!!??
  14. So Del, i should be ok with the 1100Ms hoses on a Bandit sump with Bandit oil pick up ?
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