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  1. Do you mean Powerhouse? If so I used them last year,it was cheaper than buying all the parts/paint and doing it myself so would recommend, top job matched the gold paint perfectly even polished my existing bolts up rather than replacing them and losing some originality. Stuck them back on, replaced the brake lines and now have brand new circa "87 brakes again!
  2. Oh well no discount or double bubble I should have read the rest of the posts first
  3. I'll be there for the parade laps on the Saturday, will ride there early Saturday but can't stay for the glamping as I've got work on the Sunday
  4. Good luck with the build still got 18" in mine using Avon road riders grip is good enough on road/track but 17" slingshot wheels have less flex and better tyre options at least in the UK presume the same applies in NZ
  5. Found the discs checked with a micrometer and they only have 4 mm left on them Do you want me to send some pics or are they too low for you? If you do PM me your email and I can send some pics for you to decide if you want them or not
  6. Not bought any for a fair few years they're having a laugh at that price! Your Google search option sounds cheaper
  7. RS Bike Paints used to sell a colour match as far as I can remember
  8. Agree with tabby59 seen a few 87H sliders on eblag, I may have some in my spares will check, not sure if they are F or H ones, if they are H's I will let you know
  9. Thanks for the detail tabby59,much appreciated,cheers
  10. I will dig them out for you I think they are on a loose wheel in the back of my shed I'm doing the reverse finished my slabbie last June now starting Rgv it's a VJ21 in black and silver Once I have the discs out will send pics of them to see if they are what you want
  11. Thanks for all the responses so far, now I have a few more options to look into
  12. I may have a pair in my shed but will have to check,do you still need them? I have used EBC and they are better if you don't want to keep the standard look,I have some Chinese ones on my RGV but as they say you get what you pay for,they're OK at stopping a light 2 stroke but wouldn't want them on a bigger bike
  13. Can you still buy ignition advancers for slabby 750H? Tried looking on Eblag and a few other places but can't find anything for my model,anyone know where I can get one or are they like rocking horse poo these days?
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