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  1. Thanks Foz, you’re right but I’ve sorted it. Major vacuum leak. Turns out with the oil leak I think I’ve fixed the top end one and caused another one by pressure washing the crap off the front of the engine. Doh. 99% sure the starter cover gasket has gone, must have gotten a little close with the jet.
  2. Just got to get a longer bolt for rear engine mount so I can fit crash bars and that’s this series of bodging done. I know crash bars are shit but I’m going elefantentreffen for 1st time so figure it might be wise.
  3. Just spoke to Pirtek. “No problem at all we can do that while you wait” legends
  4. Got a Pirtek just down the road as it happens. Thought they only did commercial jobs but I will give them a call if I need to. I changed the plug well gaskets (thanks to more top advice on here) as it previously looked like it was leaking from around no3 ex. Fingers crossed that it was just left over oil mess heating up and running off last night. I pressure washed the front end last night which got rid of the worst of it and currently there’s no drips. Just got new caps on the carbs from Fowlers. Idles better now, spitting gone! The previous owner had left the bodge of hoses on fr
  5. How about the oil leak though? Pretty sure the union between the solid pipe and flex is gone. Anyone know anyone that makes them? Ive had second hand ones before and they're usually knackered. Can get a new cooler kit but £££
  6. Well fuck knows where they have gone. 13274-84000 I think?
  7. Fucking right it was vacuum leak one of the bodged pipes was totally open at one end
  8. Could a vacuum leak cause it? There’s a serious bodge of pipes on it at the minute. I’ll rip it all out and see if I can find some proper caps
  9. Getting occasional carb spitting on idle and severely bad on small throttle openings. Just done the valves, they were tightish and are now on the loose side. It was present before but nowhere near as bad. Not sure what to do with it. I would hazard a guess the timing is off, but obviously I haven’t touched it. I suspect getting the tight valves may have been masking it? I will try a B12 cdi too, have been using the standard GSX750 but as it was running on load didn’t think it needed swapping. Also still got a fucking awful oil leak. Anyone make up lines for standard B12 coolers?
  10. From the top end breather? Barely get a drop out of mine. Do use old engine oil in scott oiler though which works fine
  11. Absolute genius. Well if I didnt have to remove the tank it would be. Could always T into it and fit a one way valve...
  12. Are there any fuel taps with a prime position that will fit a 750 Zuma tank? Only got on/off vac operated on Fed up of nearly knackering the battery every time it’s left for a few weeks.
  13. Yeh I have the same, shifting into Neutral is getting almost impossible! I'm planning on bleeding it thoroughly and I expect that will sort it out
  14. I found it was not a quick thing to bleed, compared to brakes at least. I didn't do it though, my mate did while I was doing some other crap so he might just of been useless.
  15. Yeh makes sense. Engine might have to come out as its real tight in the GSX750 frame. Will change all the rocker cover related seals while I'm at it. Wemoto seems sensibly priced
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