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  1. Hi Guys, Sorry - another questions from me..... :-) I have heard that the early GSXR's cam chain tensioner's were a little like plasticine, and it is good to upgrade to a manual one. Anyone have any experience with this? I am currently looking at getting an APE manual cct, but wondered if anyone had any advice on others that might be available?
  2. Hi Guys, Thank you all for your advice. I guess I will have to bite the bullet and book her into a proper dyno. Its the only way to be sure and would be well worth the money making sure its right and theres no need to worry. Now to find local dyno's :-)
  3. Thanks for the advice - much appreciated... Just re-checked this and I was wrong (its been a while since i looked into it!).. They never did a Stage 3, only a Stage 1. Which is now making me wonder if i might have stumbled upon the problem here.... From the Dyno website :- "Stage 1 Kits Intended for motorcycles with a stock engine using the stock airbox, air filter and stock pipe. Stage 1 kits are fully adjustable to allow the use of a well designed aftermarket pipes and stock replacement air filters like K&N. Stage 1 kits are designed to improve throttle response and driveability and in
  4. Just in-case anyone was interested in a picture of the build so far.... Still needs paint and powder, and final tidying....
  5. Hi Guys, Just registered, and first off can i just say i am stoked that OS is back!! I have missed this site and the guys and girls here :-) Ok - I have a 1993 GSXR 750 WP, which came to me in a right state and i have been building a 'fighter out of her for the last 2.5 years. She is now on the road, and running almost beautifully again. I say almost, because since I got it its been running rich. Black smoke from the exhaust, thick black soot on the plugs, and smells go-awful if you run it in the garage and not outside! On initial investigation, it had a Scorpion race can so i checked it had b
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