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  1. Set up ready for the Summer Nationals at Santa Pod
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/426678564089956/permalink/5024166754341091/
  3. 1st and 8th in UK Etbike Championship for C & G Racing winged hammers after round 2.
  4. Springspeed Nationals number 1 qualifier and event winner. Personal best 60ft time, et and speed 1.27, 8.73 at 150 mph. That doesn't happen every day!
  5. Festival of Power, Santa Pod report. Carl had an amazing first ever event! Still learning the bike and ended up 15th of 16 in qualifying. First round of eliminations saw him up against another newcomer who red lit and handed Carl the win, he ran very close to his dial in anyway. Round 2 the same thing happened leaving Carl to race up against the lovely Busa of oss member Anna Sasiak. Carl ran another good race and Anna missed a shift. Carl found himself in the FINAL of Etbike against multi title winner Phil Pratt. Phil made no mistakes and despite only being a couple of tenths off dial in Carl had to settle for an amazing 2nd place. Made a big family contingent at trackside very proud. Winged hammers silverware!!!!
  6. Festival of power, Santa Pod. Qualified 6th of 16 with a 8.82 on an 8.80 dial in. Its looking tight this year! Ran an et personal best of 8.79 and a best 60 ft of 1.27 too so very happy with that. Got through round 1 running 8.83. In the last eight had a close race with Scott collier but missed out fractionally with an 8.86 on a 8.78 dial in. Happy with the 6 x eight second runs, very consistent and look good for the season.
  7. Tight squeeze in the t5 but got em in.
  8. Yes, can get bandit front ends fairly cheaply in UK anyway. Only being used on the strip so an improvement on the rusty 750et front end.
  9. This is Carl a while back, the engine in the bike behind him is the one he is racing next week.
  10. First time out in proper competition for Carl next weekend. UK etbike championship at Santa Pod. First time as a 2 bike oldskool team.
  11. Think we are ready for round 1 of the etbike championship at Santa Pod next weekend. Bit of final tinkering today.
  12. Lowered his pb from 11.11 to 10.59 at 128 mph today, well proud of him. Great riding with a hefty sidewind.
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