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  1. Hi , looks like the rules mean I need a 250mm rear disc on my Katana Drag bike , it has a bandit 12 rear wheel . Got til next season but any ideas?
  2. Excellent long weekend at the Euro Shoot Out , not fully recovered yet! Qualified number 1 with a 9.01 on 9.00 dial in. Made a few more adjustments to the clutch as it was hurting my coccyx with the hard launches! Round 1 was a bye which was lucky as I had the only hiccup of the weekend and it spun up off the launch, wierd. Round 2 was against Johnny Young on his Harley, he flew to a pb breakout and another 9.01 sorted that. Semi Final against Philip Pratt was a good race, I think I gave him a bit of a run for his money and crossed the line first but after dialing 8.90 and easing off before the line thought I had it! Unfortunately I ran a pb up to about 1000ft and broke out with 8.87 ! Well done to Phil for his great run . Loads of laughs and lots of great achievements by the bike racers there. Thanks to my team. Never eating a burger again!
  3. Greenlight Nationals report! Couple of decent runs on the friday test, both 9.0 so was feeling ok going into qualifying. Whole of first day was a wash out so went into a 1 shot qualifier on sunday morning. Dialled 8.95 and hoped for a similar run to friday. The Kat hooked up nice and probably ran its smoothest run yet. 8.89 at 146mph with a pb 1.29 60 foot time. This was obviously too quick so ended up 12th and last qualifier. Up against Matt Jones in round one who had a bit of a mad start so just had to cruise through at 9.20 into round 2 against Bill Marsh , pulled a reasonable light and was away first but the rear tyre span up for some unknown reason and my run was over. First wheelspin since the bars were fitted 29 runs ago so very curious! Bill went on to reach the rain abandoned final against Philip Pratt . Thanks to Carl, Jon and Marie for helping as always. Good to have Ben along too, our swiss based mate who I haven't seen for many years. Roll on euro,s in 2 and half weeks. Let there be sun!!
  4. Festival of power. Just recovered! Number 1 qualifier, bye in round 1, beat by Paul Adams in round 2. It was close but I could and should have made it closer. Still learning that things happen differently at 149mph than 125mph. Couple of boggy starts messed up my consistency a bit and made a couple of adjustments for the run which meant the Kat flew, running a second pb of 8.85 while rolling off sometime before the finish. Had a great time with all the usuall guys and girls at the event. Well done to Philip Pratt for the great win and Matt the chop Jones for an amazing event. Thanks obvs to my crew, Carl, Marie, Jon, George and Dave.
  5. Off to Santa Pod for 4 days for the Festival of Power. Our biggest event of the year. Weather not looking good but will do our best to keep the Kat on top of the pile. Still looking for a 150 mph terminal speed. Main thing is to bring her home in one piece.
  6. you could get new suzuki friction plates with new standard springs , see how that feels
  7. On the 8.87 149mph run. Photo thanks to Callum Pudge.
  8. Brief outing with the old school stockers at Santa pod today. Due to weather only one proper run but smashed a tenth off my pb for 8.87 at 149 mph. Loving looking at that time on the screen, real speed at last.
  9. Points after the rained off first round of acu etbike. Thanks to eurodragster.
  10. Just back from the Springspeed Nationals at Santa Pod , round 1 of the ACU championship. Rain meant we had one qualfying run on saturday and one on sunday , then the event was called off before eliminations! My first run of the year on Saturday saw me dial in my pb time of 8.98 seconds , thinking that if I went too quick and broke out at least it would be a pb. 2 more teeth on the rear and a little less weight on the lock up clutch being the only changes from last year. The Kat hooked up pretty well and stormed to 8.99 seconds at 147 mph , this was enough to give me number 1 qualifier spot in a 13 bike field which was unbeaten on the second run. shame we couldnt do any elimination runs but the bike is in good fettle and I will lead the championship going into the Festival of Power at the end of June. Happy days!
  11. Well, easter was missed. Entered in etbike at the Pod on May 22nd weekend for first round of acu championship. 13 entered in the biggest UK bike class. Looking forward to trying it out with new gearing , should really fly now, or spin!!
  12. Knocked up a couple of the above and they work perfectly, thanks eightball_hotrod
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