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  1. et1170

    Engine builders

    Highly recommend Chris Tombleson at grumpy 1260 . Built my efe from a box of bits and it flies. Bit of a way from Scotland though!
  2. nice looking bike mate , I weighed my engine when it was out and think it was 180 lbs or so, same as me!
  3. ken is too busy so will try elsewhere
  4. Bore the standard block for a 1170 cc kit, a bit more power and totally reliable.
  5. Hi guys , I am ok carefully stripping my 1170 engine and putting it back together in reverse, but not confident with an efe engine I have bought in total bits. I may miss a washer or spring or whatever? Who should I trust to build the 1325 big valve thing I have which is totally dismantled. I am south of england . west london.
  6. et1170

    Cam markings

    Anyone know anything about these cam markings. Look a bit random to be official kent cams , but dont know!
  7. I just cant afford to blow up the kat so thought a 1100/1200 engine in the gsx would let me have some quicker fun while preserving the old skool Kat.
  8. just thinking of doing some sprints/rwyb on the gsx so thought a bandit or gsxr engine would give it the oomph required. would then limit the kat to etbike and run it safe as it is , 1170 , flowed head , hd billet clutch , welded crank , rs carbs . but then thought maybe go for it and sell the gsx which should give me the dough to run a fair bit quicker on the kat!
  9. Got a bit of cash and thinking of an engine swap for the Gsx, or should I spend cash on some goodies for the Kat? Thinking of keeping kat as it is for etbike racing and getting the gsx in the 9's . What you all think.
  10. I left the fuel tap on my gsx750es project on prime like a pratt and the fuel has got by my needle valves into the sump. I started the bike before noticing for a couple of minutes and guess I have cleaned a lot of the oil off of places its needed! drained the fuel/oil mixture and have filled with oil , run for a while , then drained it again and fitted more new oil and filter. it seems to have lost compression as it flies over on the button. I have new needle valves in the carbs now . would some oil down the bores maybe help bring it back to life or is it likely fucked? thanks. Gary.
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