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  1. Heavier springs In turbo use and you can put more psi and valves wont start to float..
  2. I don't understand that scaveng pump.. just make sure that turbo's comp/turbine axle centerline is few cm above of engine oil level (when not running) and oil return inner size to sump is at least 13mm, and no banjos on return line!!
  3. meisseli

    Exhaust bolts

    Stainless allenbolts, nordlock locking washer and copper grease. Works fine whit stainless exhaust manifold. Whit out nordlock, bolts was loosening up..
  4. Bandit 1216 busa pistons clearens 0,1mm, no slap.. holds up after 12tkm. next engine 0,05-0,06mm
  5. Thats true!! Write google "proboost tank adapter" and you find part of solution on this problem. Return do not need to be higher than fuel level, i dont. I use malpass regulator and that tank adapter, i also drilled all adapter holes to 6mm.. I recommend that you chance a new o-rings on needle valve seats first.
  6. It has busa pistons and td05 16g big. some shiny parts is manufactured by proboost here in finland. And some is my own.. What you want to know? I will answer when i remember to come here.. it was at dyno yesterday.. 312hp and 284nm 1.5bar rear wheel power.
  7. Hi! I have a 1216 bandit whit busa pistons. Cr is 7.8:1 china TD05 16G. Power 284hp 266nm at 1,3bar and it's a blow through. cam timing is original.
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