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  1. Glad you found what you were looking for matey
  2. http://members.dslextreme.com/users/bikecliff/ manwells in middle columbo my friend Superb site from gsrescources man. Aircooled info emporium
  3. I was searching for GS750 / GS1000 race bikes - anyhow here's the link - https://zelastchancegaragedu78.blogspot.com/2009/06/gs-750-sbk-yoshimura-77.html
  4. Found these whilst looking for something else
  5. Just been looking at your drag bike thread, Like the shock options opened by linkage modifications - whether to eye or wider fork. Thanks for posting pic's I've got a 750 linkage coming from eblag.de Cheers Matt
  6. All good in da hood Cheers Matt
  7. Hope you speak in jest matey, not my intention insult or cause upset I have just edited my project thread, apologies to any persons that I p155ed off with my somewhat poor choice of words. Cheers Matt
  8. Not me matey, a "please" & a "thank you" an all that Cheers Matt
  9. And only another dozen post ubtil the classifieds !
  10. Cheers no class, very much appreciated - that looks like what I need
  11. I've trawled here(and there...) looking for answer, quite a few threads discussing linkage differences but I can't find the info I'm after . I have an 1100 frame, what I think is an 1100 linkage (has pockets in the side of casting), a JMC deep brace arm and R6 shock - the shock spring in fouling the swinging arm brace . Is a 750 linkage shorter than the 1100 - will it move shock mount closer to frame & allow spring to not hit the brace ? Cheers Matt
  12. I got one for a k7 750, it covers the hole & stator fitted fine, it doesn't leak, came with gasket - wouldn't want to rub it on any tarmac though... Cheers Matt
  13. Garage of dreams ! - very fortunate man, by the by your bikes are in Jan's pracitical sportsbikes readers ride section ! Cheers Matt
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