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  1. OK gents, sorry for the delay... been very busy. 1277 motor has; Lightened Bandit crank 9kg, Carillo rods, JE pistons,Web cams Inlet 0.385" Exh 0.370", ported head, 30/26 valves, APE valve spring and Ti retainers, RS40 carbs, dyna coils and lots of tuning.
  2. Peter

    How much bhp?

    My stock 1127 all original was 120 RWHP. After 4-1 pipe, pod filters, jet kit it made 133 RWHP. Then it became a 1216 with web cams and RS40s - 152 RWHP. Then with big valves - 165 RWHP Then it was sleeved to take 1277cc and a higher lift exhaust cam got over 170 RWHP, best run was 173 HP DYNO_1277.pdf.
  3. After starting racing with a stock 1127 with 120 RWHP several years ago I am now campaigning a 1277 with a best run of 173 RWHP (done on the same dyno). Plenty of life left in these old oil cooled beasts. DYNO 1277.pdf
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