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  1. Ha ! there is that G1460!! I've seen some really nice 1186 motors on the dyno J1B, seems quite a nice size for light/moderate tuning - seems a safe size to bore the 1127 barrels too and there is that over size if all goes Pete Tong ! Trouble is now that I've seen a company in Melksham that has a Serdi machine to work wonders for increased seat flow and a bit of valve reprofiling - maybe not, the Wife thinks I just bought a few 'trinkets' for the bike as it is. . . she'll get wise when the engine's out and the head/barrels are off ! Hell it's easy to spend money on your bike - good fun though !
  2. Bandit will be better, reasons as above, plus the Bandit had an extra output shaft bearing for the longer shaft required for the 180 tyre - heads are pretty similar, although with such a big motor, with a big block, you'll need to port it anyway/fit larger valves etc to get the best out of it.
  3. I know where you're coming from Crass - I waited a year before a standard screen came up for my 1100, got it pretty cheap - ironically I'm leaving the MRA d.bubble on mine ! but standard screens aren't going to get any more common and I intend to have a more standard 1100 some time in the future.
  4. Cheers G1460 - yep, the oil still goes up the studs, so I'll replace those seals - do the seals in the return pipes at the front of the block (head to sump) need doing too ? I guess as you say, not replacing isn't worth it if you have to rip it apart again !
  5. I'm gradually understanding the various things I've got to do when I fit the bored block and piston kit - checking piston clearance, ring gap etc. What I can't find out is - do you have to buy all new oil seals, base gasket etc ? - or is there anything you can reuse ? Many thanks - Oily
  6. Thanks for the warning chaps ! - few things worthwhile are easy - best part of £60 for APE slotted wheels, I can put up with a lot of elbow grease for that !!
  7. Thanks Bud, makes sense to slot my own cam wheels , I'll give it a go . . . I'll fit everything over winter, plenty of time to use up there !!
  8. A few of you on here might've seen the Wiseco piston kit and ready bored barrels on a certain bidding web site (I always look for anything interesting) I've just pressed the BUY button - I just couldn't resist it for £400. Many of you have already fitted kits to your bikes, so it'll be good to join the club. I just hope that my bike hasn't got a kit fitted already, it didn't show anything in it's partial history, but it does feel very' fit' for what I've done . . Will be nice to own a GSXR 1186 N - I'm keeping the bike, so it'll be another interesting evolution of the old girl. I haven't got the extra money to have the head flowed at the moment, but maybe in a year or so - an old work colleague has done a bit of work on some Oilers (including a classic TT bike), I'll have to drop in some time ! Was it worth dialling in your cams ? - being a shim head, I'll be keeping the cams standard to be safe, but wondered what others felt about accurately checking the cams.
  9. Top man Quist ! Looking forward to the evolution of your bike My 1100N isn't going anywhere either, it looks great, feels great and has charisma - a bike that you've worked on, improved always means more to you.
  10. Lovely bike Quist ! - glad to see it's still used as was intended. I'm sure you've thought about this already, but my thoughts would be : The standard wheels are pretty heavy, later wheels will save a kilo or two (keep std 5.5 rear rim size) - with the 750 you can either fit a whole front end from a 600/750, complete with radial brakes (k6 - on would be a bit nice !) - or fit the lighter and better performing late forks in your yokes . I saved a lot of weight by fitting a Lithium battery, over 3 kilos, dropping some weight off the bike is always a good thing and very noticeable when riding it like a sports bike . Keep up the good work - Oily
  11. The 750J had 1100 spec duration cams and the 750k had the same inlet cam but slightly less aggressive exhaust cam. Fitting 1100 cams will net you the same result. The smaller volume dot head bumps up compression, whilst having pretty much the same size valves as 1100/1157(exhaust the same and inlet a gnats,0.2mm smaller) - which as FBOB says works well on the lower compression B12 - you could drop 1100 cams in your motor, but the compression would need to be bumped up to get better response (still get more top end). Tried to use my old 'OilySpanner' on this new site, but I made a right balls up ! couldn't see what I'd typed in - so Oilyspannerlyspanner it is .
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