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  1. Since I could not find an aftermarket option, last weekend I cut and welded the dogbones. Case closed
  2. This is all standard Suzuki. The solution I now thought of is changing the bracket were the top of the rear shock is mounted. This is bolted to the frame so could be replaced without permanent altering the bike. If I lower the mounting point with 2.5 cm the rear will raise with +/- the same height. The link system is linear, I measured
  3. No picture but a screenshot will also work.
  4. Hi, Got a 1988 gsxr with a 1993 750 swinger fitted. Now I would like to raise the rear some cm. I did this before with other bikes by fitting different dogbones, but now the dogbones are connected with a tube. So I am looking for solutions how other people solves this. Searching the internet has not solved this puzzle, no jack up kit found. I rather do not modify the original dogbones. Best regards, Jochen
  5. Question is already answered, but is used the plastics and subframe. Simple switch thanks to our modulaire Suzuki :-)
  6. Hi, finally I managed to play around with my carbs. Since I am trying to find a simple solution I played with the parts I have. What I did was to sand down the old spacer and placed this in the low part of the slide. Then fitted a new plastic spacer on the needle and voila. It me not be perfect but the result is
  7. Instead of drilling the slide. Why not use a shim to create a flat bottom inside the slide? The original plastic spacer can then still be used. When my I have my carbs parts I will see if the above can be done. I am just trying to fine a simple solution. Not everyone knows someone with a milling machine
  8. Since I want to set up my carbs I fist need to get them upo to spec. This modification is on my to-do list. But I have to ask, why not drill the slide so it has a flat bottom? Fil the bottom up with a 2mm spacer and the needle sits straight. Best regards, Minipower
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