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  1. Pair of 2 into 1 straight through pipes, the standard daft setup. I’m having a nice system fabricated. main issue right now is if these carbs are viable or if I start looking for some bandit ones.
  2. Pipes are a work in progress, waiting on some baffles to see if I can dial them down a bit. This is somebody else’s aborted project that I picked up. for the jet kit, I can only see a stage one kit from dynojet. Will any other model fit? I know most of these generation of carbs are interchangeable but not familiar with the internals
  3. Hi everyone Ok, heres my dilema I've got a chop project on the go with a 1988 GSXR750 engine, with pod filters and exasts so short they hardly qualify for the name. Ive had the bike to multiple garages to get the carbs set up and no matter what I try we get a big flat spot in the middle of the rev range, so my thinking is to try a set of 600 carbs to give me good mid range and low end power, top end is unimportant since i'll almost never break 70mph with a hardtail. ive got a set of 1998 gsx600f carbs, I know I can make them fit with the right rubbers but does anyone know of a stage 3 jet kit? or anything I can do to get these running right? Or do i just scrap those and get bandit 600 carbs?
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