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  1. gsxr884

    884 gsxr749

    884 kit on a 749 is a 76mm bore, same as an 1127. I use 1127 head gaskets for mine , either OEM or Athena with a thin application of Wurth Flange sealer(or Wellseal) as recommended by Richard Albans at TTS
  2. Sorry guys haven't been in for a while , I really need to get back in the habit
  3. Sorry guys I have been a bit slack on keeping up with the goings on on OSS . I am on holiday at the moment back as of 14th January
  4. I have left my JT sprocket catalogue in the unit so cant find the JT 520 versions till tomorrow when I go in , Renthal do a 520 conversion but I may be able to find JT which will keep the cost down
  5. Same sprocket for Slabb and JK JTR 829 . I do JT or Renthal
  6. Looks like a slingshot dual outlet tap , main /reserve switching takes place inside the tap and always feeds both outlets .Straight feeds 1 & 2 bent 3&4
  7. Easiest route is a gas flow 3 angle cut and a 771 kit and then some proper carbs matched to a decent exhaust
  8. Yes there may be some compensation required regarding block height cam chain length/tensioner blades will be a problem if you shorten the block longer rods may be required ,once I have measured the pistons I will let you know
  9. I have spoken about this before but haven't got around to mocking up an engine yet. 2011 on I think ZX10R pistons are lightweight slipper 76mm so would give 884 on a 749 Gudgeon pins I think are 15mm possibly 16 I will have a measure. I have a set of 884 pistons to measure the ZX10R pistons against for pin to crown height and compare weight , I think the crown will be lower and they will be a LOT lighter
  10. I can supply the tube and I have guys that I use to swap the knuckle over as it can be troublesome. Even experienced guys cant do them all without stripping the thread in the knuckle
  11. I can get Aliant from B&C and do them cheaper than they do so long as its a UK post code , I also do JMT
  12. I do a charger that has modes on it for doing 6 or 12v lead acid, gel Li ion for £40 plus post , RRP is £45
  13. What sort of budget have you got and Wavy or normal Cheers
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