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  1. It would be rude to refuse such a kind offer
  2. Leon did do kits for GXR's, he used my mates 750K to do an exhaust and carb kit, the carb kits are a lot more involved than just being a simple ACK though. He did an 1100K for Mark Forsythe too. He did 750 Slabbies too but I don't recall what they needed. Summer 1990 when he died, I remember it like it was yesterday
  3. Yeh I realise that. Cheers But what stock Suzuki carbs with nothing more than an inlet rubber swap.
  4. Premier Inn West again is it then . Already booked mine
  5. Couple of BMW pads that are close and may work with a bit of trimming FA294 81x45.9x7.7 or FA613 81x45.9x9.4 Same pad but different thickness
  6. Its a late 81 so I have to wait a bit yet . Well it was imported to the UK and registered in 97 so DVLA gave it a manufactured date of December 81 bastards. If I could prove earlier I would get onto them to change it. I have a Big Tank to go on but it needs a bit of work
  7. Just had this old girl out again after doing the carbs. I really had forgotten just how much fun these things are to scoot around on
  8. Thats my 750 et onthe road for the 1st time since i bought her in 2015. Pissed through the MOT but is running rich. Pulled the carbs , float valve seat seals hard and horrible, float heights at 20mm , spec is 24+/-1 lol and fuel tap is free flowing when it shouldn't. Carb repair kits and a new fuel tap that doesn't break the bank ordered. Tap repair kit for the old tap so i can put that on my BIG tank when I get it painted. Once the carbs are sorted its oil & Filter time and new tyres are required, front is a 2003 and rear a 2007 . Pic is of the bike as I bought it. It's still the same but the exhaust will be going for something a bit more fruity. Slabby 750 next ,then the 884M then the 884RK ,order subject to change depending a number of factors.
  9. I can normally find sprockets to convert most things to 530,525,520
  10. gsxr884

    884 gsxr749

    884 kit on a 749 is a 76mm bore, same as an 1127. I use 1127 head gaskets for mine , either OEM or Athena with a thin application of Wurth Flange sealer(or Wellseal) as recommended by Richard Albans at TTS
  11. Sorry guys haven't been in for a while , I really need to get back in the habit
  12. Sorry guys I have been a bit slack on keeping up with the goings on on OSS . I am on holiday at the moment back as of 14th January
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