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  1. Ya, I'm working out of a pretty simple home garage, but there's a solid machine shop down the street that I think I need to become friends with...
  2. I’ve already sourced bearings, working on spacers now.
  3. Alright, so my picture from a day or two ago was a complete mockup. The bearings/race in the neck were out, and the GSXR stem was still mounted, making for a very sloppy visual. The angle, was far from reality, and the way the wheel was mounted, I caught a goofy angle. Here's a less mocked up visual for everyone. And yes, this dirty/pitted wheel/motor looks horrible next to these shiny forks. For the people that have played with wheels with different sized axles... where did you source spacers from?
  4. Hey almost everyone, thanks for sorta making me think it’s not that sketchy, for the most part. I’m honestly not concerned about A speedo, this bike will not be a daily/regular ride. As far as the fork length, I’m losing an inch or so. I’ll be changing the springs/oil and sorting that out. I'm also looking at fork extenders. My main concern was more with the axle/spacers, and if that’s really as easy as I’m seeing it. And yes, I know as this sits, it's not gonna work. The clearance isn't there, but there's ways to fix that.
  5. Alright, I'm expecting to get some flack for this, and I get it. I'm ruining a perfectly good complete bike. I have searched/skimmed the few posts I've seen discussing mounting a USD fork onto the bike, but haven't seen anyone fitting a 1980 wheel onto the USD Fork of choice. I have purchased a 2005 GSXR fork. I also purchased the Cognito Moto conversion stem with bearings. I know the forks are slightly shorter, and was hoping to use the factory wheel, to not lose as much ground clearance with the 17" gsxr wheel. I found bearings to fit the GSXR axle for the factory GS wheel. Has anyone done something like this? I've included a pic of the start of this nonsense.
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