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  1. My out the box colour of choice
  2. buff


    I’ve got some cams I’ve had kicking around for a long time. Marked up 23 in and 27 ex can anyone confirm what these are ? I was told 1100k cams when I got them about 12 years back
  3. buff

    38mm RS jetting

    Dropped the needles a notch this evening, not so smooth and missing a bit. So back to the middle clip again.
  4. buff

    38mm RS jetting

    At the moment 140 main jet, needles on middle clip. Pilots on 1.1/4 turns out . GSX 1100 airbox bellmouths with ramair socks. Standard 12 engine with titanium muzzy pipe.
  5. buff

    38mm RS jetting

    This evening ride was a different experience. Pulled all the way cleanly from low down, maybe I’ll drop the needles a notch looking a bit rich
  6. buff

    38mm RS jetting

    Pump is set to come on at 1/4 to 3/4 throttle. Ive got the switch/throttle marked up ready for a run tomorrow.
  7. buff

    38mm RS jetting

    Float heights were all spot on, mixture screws were only 3/4 turn out. So Ive set them at 1 turn. I'm sure way back when I was running 36's it was 1.5 turns out, but that was with an 1170/1260. Not tinkering with this stuff for ten years means Ive forgotten a little
  8. buff

    38mm RS jetting

    Gave it a run earlier, if anything raising the needles has made it worse higher up the rev range. Still a bit hesitant low down, but if I pull the choke out slightly it smooths out. Checking the floats heights in a while and give the mixture screws a tweak
  9. buff

    38mm RS jetting

    Boots are all good, tick over etc is steady.
  10. buff

    38mm RS jetting

    I'll give them another check tomorrow, Ive put 140's in today. Its pulling better over 4,500 revs picking up nicely. But still a little rough just below this. Ive raised the needles a notch this evening. Next time carbs come off I'll check the float height
  11. buff

    38mm RS jetting

    No I didn’t check float height as they’re new out of the box. Standard vacuum tap.
  12. Ive just picked up a new set of 38's running on a bog standard 1200 bandit engine, bike pulls well up until 4,500 revs then kind of bogs down a bit. If i pull the choke out its starts pulling again. Standard jets are 135, worth raising the needles or just stick in the 140 mains ?
  13. I ended up getting an efe taper fitted on my old engine when i had the crank rebuilt. But ultimately having spun the original tapper three or four times I went over an outboard alternator kit, a lot less weight on the crank to spin.
  14. No brace across front frame cradle on 750 also
  15. Same as the old chris richards colours ?
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