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  1. Hello - I am trying to remove a very old oil seal from the crankcase on my 1979 GS425. I am attempting the install screws/lift out method. The seal is for the shift shaft, so it is somewhat small. The case is on my work bench. The seal is hard as a rock and I am unable to get a screw into it, even after pre-drilling for it. Can anyone recommend a type of screw (wood, machine, self-tapping, etc)? Thanks - Mike
  2. Thanks for the replies, but I am still not clear on the intent in the shop manual. Loctite makes numerous products, including the permanent (red), semi-permanent (blue), as well as anti-seize (silver and I think, copper). I am confused because I have seen many 8-cylinder automobile engines (drag race cars) rebuilt and the folks do not use the red or blue Loctite on the fasteners. This is my first motorcycle engine re-assembly, and I have not seen it done (other than my shop manual). My shop manual is from 1979 and the Loctite product they recommend is discontinued, so I need help understanding the manual’s terminology and intent. Mike
  3. Hello - I have a 1979 GS425 and I am rebuilding the motor, following the shop manual. As I begin the bottom end rebuild, the chapter starts with "...use Loctite Lock N Seal 2114 on all fasteners..." I don't see this available anywhere. Is there a modern substitute for this? Is the intent to "lock" the fastener (like the red or blue Loctite) or to prevent the threads/fastener from seizing? I see products available as anti-seize...silver...copper, etc. Can someone please advise me what I should use? Thanks - Mike
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