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  1. Ok ! Mine is a 77 gs750 engine in a standard frame.. the issue i had overlooked was the clutch push rod arrangement on the early 750’s. With a bandit 1200 swing arm I dont think its possible to get the sprocket alignment.. i may well revert to the standard wheels and swing arm and use the bandit wheels , swing arm and forks on a gs1000 I have ..
  2. What swing arm were you using Tony and was it on a gs750?
  3. Thanks Tony.. i guess there is a limit to how much you can reduce it by before the chain starts to hit the tyre ..
  4. Can any advise which model sprocket carrier will fit a Bandit 600 rear wheel? Looking for something that will give me front and rear sprocket alignment on my GS750 build. Appreciate the spacers will need altering but thats not a problem.. the issue is getting sprocket alignment.. ( Am using a Bandit 1200 swing arm) any advice please? Thanks
  5. Yes will be using an offset front sprocket.. am struggling as its an early GS750 and am very limited by the clutch push rod housing on the left engine case.. was thinking of getting longer clutch push rod and gear selector shaft fabricated and use spacers on the plate fixing points if I cant get the clearance with sprocket carriers etc
  6. Hi Wraith sorry should have made it clearer , I meant a 1200 bandit rear wheel in a GS frame with a bandit 1200 swing arm
  7. Can anyone advise if they have found a rear wheel sprocket carrier that fits a standard 1200 bandit wheel and brings the width down to help sprocket alignment? thanks
  8. Was very lucky ! Was the last one left… cost a lot as well. so pissed off with this seal leaking.. Some have suggested tapping in a replacement… not a fan of that … i think the seal has a lip on it , so that approach would never work ?
  9. OEM… i never use after market
  10. I think its leaking from the shaft…
  11. Yes . Was very careful to make sure the dimpled side faced inwards as highlighted in the manual .. The seals can be reset without splitting the cases again? Is that a common thing people have done ??
  12. Just fired up my fully rebuilt GS750 and oil is leaking from the right side crank seal. Brand new seals used throughout.: correctly torqued crankbolts… wasnt leaking before stripdown and new rebuilt crank installed.. Damn damn annoying !!!! I never put yamabond around a seal… but my rebuild experience is all 2 stroke… nothing different with these engines is there ??
  13. 2 questions!!!! Trying to buy correct sizes first time !!! Can anyone advise what minimum chain length I will need for my Gs conversion. It has a bandit 1200 swing arm , running a 48 rear sprocket. Would 118 be long enough ? ( easier to remove links!!!) regarding the front sprocket , what offset size will I need with the bandit swing arm on the gs 750 frame.? thanks in advance
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