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  1. They are not half bad, did not think of making them from sheet. I have a good side on picture I will import in CAD, then scale it. I have yo make a few changes to the original.
  2. Can someone please give me the overall size of the screen mounts and if possible the angle. I know they are in pairs and they also angle inwards so any info you can give me would be appreciated. Still working on my little project! Andy
  3. Yes, good shout, could still do with the measurements to confirm, also need them for the screen mounts!
  4. Hi TonyGee, Yes, I can see that, I have done lots of work on it already! Managed to get a support frame, I just want to get it approx on the right place with the fairing to give me a fighting chance of it lining up! Andy
  5. Hi All Kat Owners, I bought a fiberglass replacement fairing for my project, it comes with no holes in it! Can someone measure the 5 holes that are above the headlight so I can drill them in the correct place. If you can give me the measurements from the headlight cut out I guess this will be most accurate. Many thanks in advance, Andy
  6. Got my frame back to start the build, have to put a clear coat on it first to protect the artwork! Then I can start the build.
  7. Hi, Thank you for the welcome. Been very busy lately so the project has been on the back burner! I need to make a custom screen that's why I need the info. Andy
  8. Hi, Sorry been away for a while. I needed the info so I could sort the popup part out. Have sorted it now using it on another project. Thank you for the offer. Andy
  9. Thank you, I'll try the searches you suggest and see what comes up.
  10. Looked all over the place for this, if someone could attach a link or point me in the right direction that will be good. Many thanks, Andy
  11. Hi All, New to this site, I would like to pick the brains of you Katana owners..... Can someone please let me have the dimensions of the screen with the mounting hole positions etc. If you could attached a little sketch that would be good. I am working on a project bike and would like to make my own screen. There is no info on line that I can find. Many thanks, Andy
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