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  1. Well just an update my little beast is finally hitting on 4. The kaw igniter seems to be doing the job without any issues. The wiring took a little time to figure out but well worth the effort. thanks to everyone that offered help don't think it would be running without y'all
  2. Well I think that's cool as can be.i just seen a little fire . Threw the kaw igniter on a extra pickup. Just wired in enough to make it work spun it over and there it was fire . No idea if it will run it but I'm going to find out.
  3. I have a igniter from 80 kaw it's a 8 pin gs is a the extra 2 wires go to pickup coils. That makes 4 ,2 for each pick up. The Suzuki only has 1 for each pickup and a wire hooking them together on the other side of the pickup. To hook up the kaw igniter the 4 wires to the pick up is that I think
  4. I can handle some wiring been studying on this 80 model kaw 750 basket case I bought last month (next project ). Was thinking my pickups with that igniter Lewis a 8 wire Suzuki is a 6 but might figure it out. What is this wet dream mod ? Thanks to all for the ideas coming in .
  5. From what I have been learning they bolt different to the block and the timing advance works different. I know my gl has a oul sending unit in that area. Making the back plate require a cut out.
  6. Yes have 12v at coils witch where replaced 2/3 coil had crack down the side. Picked up another pulse coil even after mine passed omh test. I would buy a new ignition system if I can find one that will work on it.
  7. From what research I have done. The gs650gl 81 thru 83 is different and nobody makes a kit for it . That I can find .I did look in to used igniter only 2 that I can find on the internet .They wanted $100/$125 with a no return policy on electric parts. I went as far as emailing dynatek for help. There reply they don't offer one for that model at this time
  8. I guess long story short .Does anyone know of an ignition system or kit that will fit a 81 thru 83 gs650gl
  9. Sorry about the long sentence. I was pissed drove couple hundred miles to go to the biggest motorcycle junkyard in these parts. Spent couple hundred dollars. To be no closer then I was at the start. Hi everyone name is crazy john and thanks for any help. I will go take a pic of the bike.
  10. It's my first Suzuki its 1982 Suzuki gs650gl bought at a good price got it running had alot of issues carbs fuel tanks but had always been some what reliable about a week ago had a short at the fuse box and I haven't seen a lick of spark since I like to think I a pretty far mechanic on any gas engine but know when to find people with knowledge about this machine was running great really the best it had ran with no issues fuse box shorted to ground my fault I replaced coils one the old coils was cracked was hoping that's was it I did pickup a used signal generator because I couldn't find a igniter been doing research everything says dynatek but I don't believe the make anything for this model any help would be appreciated sorry I dropped in with my problems
  11. Been riding working on 1982 gs650gl having no spark issues witch I starting to understand but after removing stator and cover I noticed a thud to in my tasks of trying to get the spark back it seems flywheel is hitting cover ,cover is cracked from previous wreck does this seem like just cover damage or worse crank damage and could this be the cause of lost spark opinions
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