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  1. Thanks for that info Gixer1460, I couldn't work it out from the workshop manual drawings OR oem spares drawings.
  2. Hi oddsocks, I'm a newby too but really quite ancient. In 1976 in the days of the 750cc unmentionable "I'd rather eat worms than ride a _ _ _ _ _ ." This bike was ran on the normal economy fuel. In Yorkshire they sold a fuel called Cleveland Discol which was actually 10% alcohol. In this unmentionable bike using this Discol fuel, the bike would do 120mph. On normal pump fuel the bike did 112 to 114mph. I reckon the bike ran leaner because of 90% petrol and might have run hotter but the 10% alcohol cooled it back down. Perhaps the bike was running rich and the Discol adjusted it for me. No mention of rotting rubber seals affected by the alcohol in those days.
  3. Hi Bri, just a line from a new member to thank you for your U-Tube Bandit series. Was fantastic and IMMENSELY helpful. About lending your bikes out. Do your mates let you ride their pride and joy? My mates all had goes on all my bikes and never let me ride theirs !! Understandable when it's a Hardly Driveable cos they don't want you to really know what shite they bought.
  4. Hi from Newbie JohnnyB12, I wanted to do this too. Put a gsxr750K head on a gsxr1100N that had stuffed camshafts. You must remember that the dot head has a large diameter spark plug hence short lands between the plug hole and valve seats. A super high CR would possibly generate enough heat to cause cracks in these short lands and ruin the head. I was going to add a spacer under the cylinders to bring the compression back to standard. Erroneously I bought a 2mm spacer and calculated the resultant CR to be around 9.6 to 1. Should've bought a 1mm spacer instead.
  5. Hi to everyone, Rule 4. Don’t waste bandwidth with an introduction. We welcome lurkers. If you have a question, ask it. New member JohnnyB speaking who's been occasionally consulting this site for a few years as a non-member and has finally decided to join in the fun. Here's a question for guys who turbo their gsxr-1100's. When you fit a 2mm cylinder spacer to reduce the compression ratio, how do you seal the oil-drain tunnels from the cylinder head which will now be 2mm shorter than the new gap they have to fill? I have NEVER seen theses special larger seals advertised to go with the new spacers. Have you? Sorry have to go now and do chores ordered by my boss, so will chat later.
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