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  1. Not for the first time in my life I'm very much enjoying seeing a Brian Looking ace mate, going to be some thing!
  2. Well had to weigh mine today. Full road legal spec with EFE lump in it, no fuel, 206kg. I'll take that, certainly a promising start.
  3. Here with my magnesium wheels feeling all old fashioned
  4. Damn impressive for a turbo 1100. Probably goes quite well
  5. I need to weigh my thing. It'll be a lump for sure, way above the class norm, but part of the fun isn't it.
  6. Shipmate as a generic friendly address or you matelot? If it makes you feel any better, I have an EFE engine here to shift at some point and apparently they're at least 10kg more than your lump!
  7. God I've missed this forum. Top work mate, very much appreciated.
  8. You champion. Cheers mate, very helpful indeed.
  9. I could get onboard with that. Hopefully someone who has weighed one or the other will be along.
  10. 8kg difference in the engines would be about right i reckon, but do we take the 1100 as 75kg as online says which makes the 750 67kg or do we use 95kg for the 750 which makes the 1100 103kg. Your reasoning sounds right to me like. The weights I've seen for the 1100 do seem relatively light, just being on OSS lends some weight to the knowledge that's all. Who knows eh!
  11. I'm not saying there is 20 kilos difference between the engines, especially not that the 1100 is 20kg lighter than the 750. I was saying that your guess for the 750 seemed high based on what others have said about the 1100.
  12. You may be right, however the weights I've seen for the 1100 on OSS and elsewhere are about 20kg less than that (dry and no carbs).
  13. As the title, anyone have any ideas roughly how much an oil boiler 750 lump weighs?
  14. It won't be stock, not by a chunk. I'd happily start with a beefier one to minimise work but I'd need steel and that limits me somewhat.
  15. Yeah, suits me more than bikes now but they're by and large boring barge things with crap airbrush work. The vehicle equivalent of a wolf fleece, figure i can remedy that with some OSS style and power.
  16. Ace, cheers mate. Need to buy one but will need to do various welding and I can't weld aluminium
  17. Just to confirm as going off memory here, 600 swingers are steel and 1200s are aluminium right?
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