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  1. Big 10-4. I've been known to keep most anything on the table. I'll see how things progress, however I'm so damned in love with the pull on this clutch (as I remember). And fluid just feels juicy!
  2. I know exactly what I'm doing! I think.

  3. Thank you for the encouragement Dezza. I have only to say that 1, I've already got the whole system locked in and pretty focused on getting things working that are already in. And 2, I have a friend in the UK, Dodge, who would un-invite me to wheelie weekend if I went cable. He can be quite mean! plus, I wanna ride his 'busa again! I will visit the Archives;don't want to be the new guy who upsets the moderator! Gracias!
  4. After much scouring the Skid Row of the internet, head scratching and eye squinting, I'd like to say you are correct the 1100's are indeed hydro! Gracias.
  5. Greetings. I'm back here after over 12 years being away. So I thought I'd kick it off with some questions on the Bandit12-Gsxr 1100 clutch swap. For the record, I performed this mod several years ago. The bike hasn't been started for 6 years, so I'm now going through it head to tail completely!! My issue is varied; the Magura 190 clutch master cyl. (now defunct, broken and in the trash) has always been soft regardless of adjustment, and upon release a "chattering" occurs, but ONLY upon release of the lever. During riding, everything goes well (or has gone well in the past) but it's always felt that it needed more of a pulse, if that makes sense? This conversion is per Lee Workman from this site years ago. ...Is he still present here? I just learned today from a good friend out there (UK) that the 1100 G,H, J is cable operated, as opposed to the Bandit being hydraulic. Perhaps this is why it chatters? Is this where the ball bearing/push-pin comes into play and the stated "diameter options"? Looking at this practically and mechanically, I'm trying to understand where the marriage occurs between the hydraulic operation and the cable/mechanical operation. Does it look like this?> Hydraulic clutch lever @ master cyl>fluid pressure to slave>slave fluid pressure inward>slave pushrod >to ball bearing>to clutch pushpin?...and from there something activates the clutch itself? I'd also like to know what size clutch master cyl piston would be advised to potentially deter the chatter and function properly in general. What size piston in the 1100? Seems lots of moving parts here need to come together. Thanks for any advice.
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