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  1. I actually got standard pipes on it. But thinking about finding another set ! Yes i posted em bellow
  2. Okay, thanks for looking! My ECU has the same number. So nothing there. Maybe the previous owner removed the restrictions
  3. Okay thanks Joseph! Madb. That would be perfect if you can take a look ! Also my carb top has 1b on top. I dont know if that is and identification, but if IT is, can you please look at that also ? Thanks in Advance !
  4. What is changed on the carb tops ? I had em apart and cant se Anything that should limit Anything ?
  5. Hey guyes. I have bougt an 750 Gr7bb ,93 from germany that is supposed to be reduced to 100hp from factory. Where is the limitations that is reducing the HP and how to remove Them ?
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