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  1. Checked sealing by spraying wd40 over rubbers which had no effect.
  2. The engine was cold on the compression test. Throttle was closed.
  3. Ok carbs are off, I’ll strip em asap and let’s see. incidentally this bike only has 31k miles on her.
  4. Not quite - the problems continue
  5. Evening all. I picked up a 1989 750 K non starter that had been laid up for some years. I found it had no spark which turned out to be the CDI unit. Replaced it and got her to start but she will only run on 3, pot 3 being the naughty one. occasionally pot 3 comes in but it’s intermittent. I see fuel coming out of the carb breather tube as a dribble. she will start and run on choke but turn the throttle and she dies. Once warm on choke I can start her without choke but the throttle has to be wide open to get a start. I can keep her running if I good the throttle partially open but she does if I drop to idle speed. I did a compression test but I’m not 100% happy with the fitting of the tester - the adapter kind of wobbles in the plug hole. Pots 1 2 and 4 give around 100psi pot 3 gives a very low PSI reading. I was kind of hoping that it was a tester issue or stuck valve that would free up with some running of the engine. I have not yet repeated the test since having run her up. here is a video of her https://youtu.be/R4TaK2QD5cw I’ve taken the carbs off to clean them but would value some help on whether this could be a carb issue or something else. thanks in advance
  6. Hi Tony - sussed it out - no pulse from CDI so tried another CDI - got spark. Many thanks !
  7. Hi all, good thread. I’m having similar issues on my 1989 GSXR750. when connecting a test bulb to the coil wires - no pulse. Change CDI to a spare and then get a pulse ok but still no spark. testing resistance on the pickup wire is 171 ohms when not cranking and flickering open circuit when cranking. No resistance. I do have 12v on orange at the coil. All wires between coil and cdi have continuity. B/W to chassis is 0.3 ohms. so is the open circuit while cranking at the pickup connectors pointing to the pickup being faulty ?
  8. Interesting - there is little or no reason other than cosmetics to pull it appart. Its quite oxidised in places and I was under the impression that to clean it or vapour blast it I would need to strip it down ? I'll get some close ups and see what you think
  9. Thanks all - useful info. The RAL7021 looks promising. Looks like its best to pull the mototr - fully tear it down and get it vapour blasted depending on the cost
  10. Just embarking on a 750L restoration project and am also researching paint available in the UK for the engine but I would like the stock grey colour. the ones discussed in say what now!?.com are all USA so cant get them here so would appreciate any suggestions. I gather complete engine dissassembly is required to do this right. What / how had people prepped the engines with ? I was considering vapour or bead plasting ?
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