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  1. Any updates mate? if only the leathers that match your wheels?
  2. Thank you everyone for the input and i totally agree if i had a few grand spare I would just go for a scruffy project GSXR but i don't have that kind of spare money and the Mrs has said absolutely no to a second bike! So I'm still thinking a frame and slowly build it up then i can spread the cost out and the second bike appears slowly. The other plan was 750 the bandit but again the 750 lump itself might be cheap enough and just run off the 600 carbs but then its all the little bits and making sure the brakes are upto spec and getting it insured etc
  3. To skip all my waffling how much Bandit 600 running gear will bolt onto an early 90's GSXR 750 frame? Hello I'm new here and carefully read the rules about the "i know this is a silly question....but" anyway I'm Sam from the east midlands did my full power bike test as a direct course when i was 25 then rolled around on a GS500 for a year or so even had an OSS sticker but i think it must of been around the time the old forum died, then came across a cheap local 1990 CBR600 with a few months mot after that a few life adjustments got in the way so was without a bike for a number of years, This time last year I almost bought a bandit but chickened out. My farther in law actually won the bike so i said give me first refusal when you get it on the road then covid happened so it wasn't until October last year i got the bike, The whole idea was just cheaper quicker commuting. So on to the silly question, Ive always wanted a GSXR the shape just after the slabby just don't have the cash for one so if i got a 750 frame and tank would Bandit 600 running gear slot it? Pretty sure the engine will but what about the forks and swing arm? Essentially just want a cheap as chips GSXR then later on as funds allow i could swap in the 750 parts and eventually the 750 lump
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