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  1. I spent a lot of time on bray hill (just down from the start/finish straight) you are just 3 feet from bikes going past at 180mph amazing. and theirs lots going on around the pits as well. but the course is pretty dam big so plenty of places to be, parliament square is a good spot too in Ramsey. one thing though you will need plenty of cash as its not cheap !!!!!!!
  2. I can't help with where to stay sorry, im lucky I have family who live their, but one thing I do know is you will love it
  3. them jets are all over the place !!!!! generally the larger 2 jets are in carb 2 & 3 so they run slightly cooler. what does the manual say the jets should be ?
  4. yep as Toni said, let your head rule your heart
  5. their stainless Denis so can be welded then flattened back then polished
  6. they are a good reliable bike if its been looked after, service parts are easy to get but you might struggle on things like bodywork if it ever needs it. good luck and enjoy your new bike if you buy it.
  7. TonyGee

    Dead EFE

    whats the plan now, rebuild or find another engine ?
  8. for the nay Sayers this is an experiment to see if it works, now I know it does help I will revise the unit and put it at the other end of the clutch cable, also get a better short cable made up with the correct fitting for the cover arm. also the lever inside it looks weak so will make a stronger one.
  9. its this one Dezza. their are better quality ones but cost more, i just wanted to try them first to see if it helped. Easy Pull Clutch Activator for Gurls blouse CRF150F/CRF230F 2003-2016 CRF230L 2008-2016 | Eblag
  10. yeah i thought about fitting it at the other end of the cable but I wanted to see how it felt first, its made from aluminium so it probably would be ok !!!! but the short cables it comes with doesn't have the right fitting for the short arm on the clutch cover. I did see the cable run mod going round the side of the cylinders but just dont like the look of it
  11. I love riding my GSX11 but one thing that I don't like is the heavy clutch pull. I have R.A. so its a real struggle to pull when in traffic and just ruins the experience !!! if it wasn't for the R.A. i'd live with it. ive fitted new plates and standard springs, a new cable and even a needle bearing at the clutch lever pivot bolt and its no better. so I thought about using one of them clutchlite things, it only the cheap Chinese one but its made a difference, its about 30% lighter which i can live with , the only draw back is it looks shite on the bars
  12. Suzuki also fitted 32mm carbs to a 1200 oil cooled engine, when i did mine the increase in bottom end and mid range was much better just where i like it and spend most of the time in, it still pulled 120 + mph and that wasn't full throttle so i would of thought 130 is possible. more than fast enough for me.
  13. are they painted or clear coated ?
  14. its a case of putting them on and see how it runs, doing a plug chop at different throttle openings will give you a good idea. I once put a set of 600 bandit carbs on a 1200 bandit, ran great with no re-jetting.
  15. the main cradle of the zuma frame (the bit that wraps round the engine) is practically the same as a bandit, I think I measured around 2 inches between the two swingers approx.
  16. as said hard to find in the UK, but im pretty sure they are longer than a bandit swinger, I put a B12 arm in an Inazuma frame and it looked too short, ended up using a GSXR slingshot arm as they are longer.
  17. I can't speak for anyone else but its the feel for me, some will say theirs no difference but when I did mine it just felt so much better.
  18. good link dezza, i was wondering about the brake lights on my 2 bikes, they both only have a front brake switch (never got round to sorting the rears) now I don't have to bother
  19. do you get the feeling the O.P. isn't that interested ?????? not been back on since he posted the question
  20. one of the things i like about suzuki's, interchangeability
  21. a bit pricy Rocker cover gasket fits: SUZUKI GS, GSX 550 1981-1983 | Eblag
  22. yes the red locktite can stick like shit to a blanket.
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