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  1. anything is possible but depends on your skill set !!!! i dont think a gsxr or 1200 bandit wheel will fit in the swingarm as they are 180mm wide ??? maybe a bandit 600 would be better as they are 150/160mm wide. better to change the swinger as well, then theirs the offset for the chain to sort out as well as brakes. a complete front end is also a better option with thicker forks and better brakes. its all gona cost as well !!!!!
  2. TonyGee

    Repair kits

    if you are rich then genuine are the way to go but im not, so i use Tourmax stuff made in Japan. never let me down yet like some of the Chinese crap !!!!!
  3. normally they are all set about the same, but i wonder if someone has tuned them with a colour tune ?
  4. TonyGee

    Carb hassle

    probably running a bit on the rich side on the cooler cylinder.
  5. I think theirs a way round it but can't remember F,B. will know. I did it the other way round MK2 switch to MK1 harness just used one wire from the switch. worked fine.
  6. TonyGee

    Carb hassle

    ok cool, also check the pilot hole drillings as they can get blocked, good luck
  7. TonyGee

    Carb hassle

    not saying this is your problem but did you adjust the idle screw ? you'd be surprised at how many people forget to adjust it to get an idle.
  8. yeah i originally thought the offset was from wheel mount to the centre of the disc, but as time went on people where measuring from wheel mount to outer side of disc. you just end up going with the flow
  9. interesting, if you have a flat disc then their is zero offset from the inside of the disc, so should they be measured from the wheel mount surface to the inside of the disc ?
  10. Wheres the 25mm height come from ? We are talking of 14ml of oil. That wouldn't raise the level that much.
  11. yes thats true but in this case of 40odd year old forks your not gona feel the difference of 14ml of oil.
  12. nope, anyone who can tell a few ml different's is talking out of their butt
  13. your not gona tell the difference between 238ml and 252ml. go with 250ml and ride it. how the feck do you measure 252ml anyway ????
  14. good job on the trimming Clive, fits great
  15. maybe not George but the thought of it gives me the ebee geebies a lot safer on a roller bearing crank
  16. just changing the M.J. won't fix it, its more involved than that. why are you fitting pods ?
  17. are you talking about a street scrambler or an off road type scrambler ?
  18. that would help keeping the cable in line i managed to get out on the bike yesterday and with what ive done so far has made a difference, still heavier than an oil cooled clutch but better than it was.
  19. yep but super strong and they buff up nice
  20. the new thinking is after some time the bores will smooth out and give a better seal with the rings which is what you want, if you hone them they will have to bed back in again. if it was mine I'd just fit them back in as is as you have good compression.
  21. us paupers use a file but a mill will come in handy
  22. also triumph use the same but have triumph embossed on them.
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