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  1. I'm building a gsxr slingshot huc savage. Does anyone know what exhaust down pipes I can use. I have a stainless micron system. But the 2 outer pipes foul the frame. Is there any yhing I can fit with a bit more clearance
  2. That was the plan have a fabricator mate at work and his tig welding skills are amazing.
  3. I know it would need an sva test. I think as with a lot of these projects. People buy them and sit on them realise they don't have the skill to finish it then sell it to the next one who think it would be cool but has no idea how to finish it.
  4. I know it will take a lot longer that that. To be honest I'm not looking for something I can knock together in a wkend. These things take time
  5. The bloke wants 2500 for it
  6. The blokes says he's had it jigged at steel heart engineering and they say its straight
  7. So is it worth bothering with?
  8. A bit more than £30 but it does come with a complete striped bandit r6 forks as in pic r6 seat unit with underseat exhausts and lots of parts
  9. That's the one but he's asking a little bit more for it now
  10. Hi he dosent know what it is. I have asked
  11. Hi anyone have any ideas what this is. Ive just been offered it
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