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  1. That kind of a turbo may be an ideal solution for a small capacity mc. Unfortunately I allready bought a kp35. Anyway, also it should work. It is air-cooled and when used in cars 1200 cc engines it gives the maximum torque at as low as 1500rpm, meaning theoretically that the amount of pumped air is the same as it is when a 400 cc mc is running at 4500rpm? At the moment I am wondering how to weld a double-layer exhaust pipe that I am going to use to keep the exhaust-gases hot before getting to the turbine.
  2. After 45 years on bikes, I am afraid the odour of my piss is like gasoline. The size and the type of a turbo for a certain type of a bike is not easy to estimate, but there are some common facts that may help, I think. If specs, dimensions, and other facts are available, then the estimation should be not so hard. When dealing with the turbos of cars, those facts may not be easily found. Nevertheless, some information is available allways: Water- or oilcooling. This is vety simple. If your bike is watercooled, both will fit, if it is aircooled, be sure that the turbo does not need wat
  3. Thanks a lot for encouraging! Manual control means a button that gives a signal to injectors to release pressurised fuel to the intake maniifolds. The lift of the valves is not lower compared to the full-povered version, but the timing is not. I allready have enough bikes, dont need more, my aim is to piss against the wind of wishdom and try something new.
  4. May be a grenade. An option for me was to attach a turbo to my Gurls blouse Cx that has a reputation as an ever-mover and also heritage one of the first blower attained cycles. After a while of thinking the result was that after spending together over 80000 kms on the road, it had been an insult to attach any kind of implants on her. Back to business: I suppose that using E85 gives cooler burning and the risk of detonation is smaller. For example Saab produced a lot more power from its charged engines by using E85 that stands more pressure without detonation. The problem is though, t
  5. I was not able to edit the opening of this topic. Anyway, the bike I am dealing with is Suzuki GSX400 E model 1985. Air-cooled, two cylinders, 4 valves/cylinder, 6-speed, anti-dive system etc. When I bought it, I was astonished because of the very nice and smooth idling, but a proper test-drive was not possible then. Only later, when riding on the road I noticed the lack of power. The "easy" cams make the engine sound smooth and quiet, but when opening the throttle not much happens. On the other hand, I assume that the easy-timed cams may be even an advantage when speaking about turbocha
  6. Just joined this amazing forum with a lot of experience and expertise, I think. However, there is not so much discussion about smaller Suzys. I own a dl1000, but bought also a gxr400 twin to use it with a sidecar. For my surprise the gxr has just 20 kw - german-version engine. The only difference with a full-power version are the camshafts. But those full-power cams seem very hard to find. So, I decided to take a challenge and try boost the bike with a turbo. I dont want to spend piles of money to this uncertain project and I am going to do most of the job by myself. However, I appr
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