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  1. Cheers. I had suspected that, just wanted to check with someone who had the same experience. I can now put the angle grinder away
  2. Help!!!! I am trying to remove the engine from my GSX750. I have removed all the mountings (what’s with Suzuki using all odd sizes of bolt heads?..), and laid the bike down on its right side. I have jiggled the lump but am now stymied.. I can’t see how to move the engine high enough to clear the sump, but the rocker cover fouls the the frame up top. Do I have to remove the rocker cover to remove the engine? Any and all advice appreciated. Cheers
  3. Cool, thanks for that. Much appreciated.
  4. Hiya.the bolt you mentioned, is that the inlet bolt from the calliper line?
  5. Hey there all you gurus. A small question re the anti dive fitted to my 1983 GSX. I am looking to resto the forks, but don’t like the look of the anti dive bits. Would I be able to just blank off where the AD fitted, and just run the bike without the AD? I have seen a parts layout for these things, and it looks way too complex. Ideas / advice please?
  6. Yeah @banoffee, I realise this is a Suzi forum. I loved the 2 Suzi’s I owned. The TS400 and the Gs750E were stand out bikes for me.
  7. Hey all. When I was first introduced to bikes in the 1970’s, two strokes were all the rage. My first bike was a Kawasaki 100cc farmbike. One of my brothers had an 80cc Yamaha roadbike. My other brother started out on a 100cc Suzuki. I had the opportunity to ride a number of 2 strokes in my teens, as all my mates had the same bug. Oil burning, vibrating, high revving freedom. Among my most memorable rides were my brothers Kawasaki S400 triple - scary near full throttle, but could not go round corners in a predictable line to save itself and a good mates Suzuki GT750 waterbuck
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