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  1. Can anyone identify these forks? And what bolt on options have some of you used as far as newer fork sets go? I’d like an upgrade. Any gsx forks that will fit without making spacers? Thanks!
  2. So I put the candy apple red on there and I think it helps a lot. Ready for coats of clear now. Then some stickers that don’t say McDonalds. Then I ll store it away and see to the bike. Could take all summer or longer.
  3. That’s pretty darn nice! I threw some paint on the tank and I liked the look until the wife said it looked like a McDonalds advertisement. So I’m going to spray some candy over the red and yellow so as to quiet the Big Mac. The bike in the pic is the look I was going for.
  4. I’m considering putting only 1 inch foam on the seat to make it a lower profile and it will help to make the tank look bigger lol
  5. I’m hunting but any tank that isn’t a scrap heap is pretty pricey. Raising this one up in the back helps with the look a bit. But yeah your right . This tank is clean inside and does not have one dent in it…. Amazing!
  6. And I’ve been riding last years bike because the weather is fantastic!
  7. So far I’ve added new handlebars, a grab rail, a spoked front wheel, some taillights, a plastic seat pan from a Suzuki Bandit, a new ignition switch, I lowered the front an inch, and I found an old glass headlight that I need to mount yet. Started stripping the 3 layers of paint off the tank and I raised the ass end of the tank 3/4 of an inch because I don’t like the way it slopes down to the seat front. I want it level. Had to unstick the brake lever and polish and grease it. And once again I took 5 or 6 inches off the back of the frame. Compression is a little light in one cylinder and I need a new clutch and clutch bearing and spacer.
  8. Hey Guys! You may remember me from last summer when I was ditching all of the GS1100 plastics . Well I got started on the old bike this week! Here’s some pics before and after, and my plans for this big old bike!
  9. It’s getting pretty cold here in the Pacific NorthWest... time to put the bikes up... see you all in the spring!

  10. Me again... I was inspecting my old air box and everything within it and realized that the foam gasket that the actual air filter sits on was deteriorated beyond bad. This original foam gasket seals the metal air filter framework to the bottom of the plastic air box. When these things deteriorate they fill the air box with tiny (and not so tiny) tar-like particles that would certainly get sucked into the carbs, making all of my hard work cleaning and rebuilding the carbs useless. I removed the tarry gasket, (it literally crumbled when I touched it) and thoroughly blew out lots and lots of debris, and am now thinking of ways to replace it. One being double sided gorilla glue tape because it needs an airtight seal. seriously this could potentially ruin your carbs. Jam a slide, block a jet. Whatever.
  11. I hate to keep stating obvious things but when I removed the diaphragm caps the screws were mighty frozen, I had to hammer on them a bit with impact screwdriver and other various instruments of torture. Well just imagine my surprise when I realized that one of the caps suffered a hairline crack after a half hour of abuse in its proximity. Are your caps solid? Might be worth looking into. I’m looking for a new shiny set at the moment.
  12. I poured some carb cleaner into the inlet hose that had blockage (0n water bottle in pic). Let it sit for 20 minutes and blew through the hose . Suddenly it blew gunk through the holes where the two screwdrivers are. It’s unblocked now ...I will proceed to spray clean and rebuild
  13. Yes, I don’t like the screens, I’m in agreement. Here is the old seat. It had a screen on it too. Looks pretty old and it seems like not only would it clog, but also impede the flow of fuel as well. I’m not trying to hijack satans thread, I’m thinking maybe I can help us both by going over these things. This is my first 4 carb rebuild and it’s pretty difficult. I’m going to ditch the screens and I always run an inline filter. But if this rebuild does not work I’ll buy the new mikunis for 700 bucks. I’m not doing this twice. Hey Satan, try blowing through the hoses with the carbs off and see if you get resistance in one of them. Gas tastes nasty but I did it and have found one blocked.
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