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  1. Cheers Clive I'll start scouring evilbay
  2. So I have a MK1 bandit6 frame. Gonna swap the current unknown 1052 motor for a known powerscreen motor... I have the B6 sump to swap over as well. My current 4-2-1 exhaust is really nice but has buggar all clearance on the sump. It makes oil changes an absolute ball ache having to take the exhaust off to drain the oil or change the filter etc... What exhausts have longer down pipes? Who has some for sale etc....
  3. Seen great things on the net bout anti gravity batteries. I think Jelly has a jumpstart version that i was impressed with a few years ago.
  4. Aye but the HEL stuff is expensive have a look at mocal coolers and source the linrs else where. As big a diameter as you can i think the HEL coolers run AN-10 fittings n lines. IIRC the cooler take offfs from the sumps are M22 x 1.5mm. Torques UK on Eblag generally seem to be good quality for the money.
  5. I run cable on all my engines using this setup. I originally intended to put on a hydraulic at some point but I prefer the cable feel.
  6. Lol I didn't buy it in the end. I can get you the why username of the guy who was selling it.
  7. Cheers. It ended up being too much for me. Also it wouldn't handle the power from a slab11 turbo lol
  8. Awesome build mate. Where are ya? I'd love to pop in n have a gander if I'm passing.
  9. Cheers. It ended up being too much for me. Also it wouldn't handle the power from a slab11 turbo lol
  10. R1guy. I've found a rolling chassis fitted with a CB900 and I fancy summat different in it. I just never heard of Tony foale before this evening.
  11. Cheers bluedog. I shall find him.
  12. Does anyone have any experience putting a oil cooled gsxr engine in a Tony Foale beam frame?
  13. Cluffy


    Simmoniz is now meant to be one of the best engine paint available but bloody pricey. Never used it.myself but been looking for a replacement for PJ1
  14. Cluffy


    This was mine, Built by Doug @ Badger Motorcycles in Ipswich. Slabby 1052 engine, some hideously loud american exhaust (Mucho Fun), tankshop ally tank, aprillia RS125 seat, lots & lots of small one off bits as featured in 100% Biker or streetfighters or possibly even BSH - it was in one of them that Nik Samson was doing at the time. God I miss it. If anyone knows of another going for relativly sensible money let me know I have a credit card burning a hole in my pocket :-D
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