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  1. A reply I received from Dynoman when I emailed their tech support yesterday: ”Hello Jason, We have been building the GS1000 motors for the street and track since 1978 when they first came out and can truthfully tell you that they are one of the best motors that Suzuki ever made. That said there are a few guidelines that that you must follow with any engine for it to be reliable. We address a few below: Copper gaskets are very strong and dissipate heat quickly, but are not as good at controlling oil as other gaskets. They do need to be annealed to make them softer for a better
  2. I suppose that might work like a hot damn ! Where did you source your gasket from?
  3. @Reinhoudjust to be clear, that’s a composite cosmetic head gasket? 17psi boost on a GS1000!!?? What kinda rwhp do you see with that? I’m interested in the mods you’ve made to your motor to cope with that power-is there any where I can read up on your build?
  4. @RickLeeGenerally speaking, this will be a race only bike. For now to get a proper tune belt for the fuel injection, and to set my ignition tables etc. it will be installed in my GS 750 Trac generally speaking, this will be a race only bike. For now to get a proper tune for the fuel injection, and to set my ignition tables etc. it will be installed in my GS 750 chassis And will be my ‘daily driver’ until its tune is perfected
  5. @Gixer1460 1. Are you referring to the o-rings that are typically used around the combustion chamber to seal cylinder pressure? Or are there supposed to be o-rings for the oil ( or coolant ) passages when applicable? 2. Annealing the copper- is there a tried/tested/unfailing method you could refer me to so I can ensure it’s done correctly? 3. I remember him using some kind of ‘glue’ on the gasket after the first attempt at installing a copper gasket. It improved the situation but not by much. @RickLeethanks for the suggestion! The owner of the bike has told me that
  6. I hear ya on that Arttu! Anyone have any idea where to source some MLS gaskets ? The engine has an approximate bore of 73mm I think, it’s slightly larger then stock.
  7. I have a problem with a high compression GS1000 engine- the man who owns the bike was told to run copper head gaskets in his 12:1 compression GS1000 but the copper gasket is leaking oil in a bad way. There are no o-rings in between the head/jugs, just the gasket. I’d like to switch to MLS or find a way to stop this copper one from leaking. Any suggestions? I’ve got no experience with copper head gaskets whatsoever
  8. @GSX1100dreamn thanks!! Thats valuable info, much appreciated. Do you know the throttlebody ID for the 1250F? I’m thinking the 650f would be best for my application. I’ve already learned the tribulations of tuning a bike with monster throttle bodies , I’ll avoid that in the future if possible haha.
  9. Hey Wee Man, I guess I’ve been visiting this site and lurking in the dark long enough to feel like I’m already part of the crew but still didn’t learn enough to RTFR.. oops. Thanks for the reality check.
  10. I have a 1990 GSXR 750L, currently set to run 14.7lbs Boost and lays a solid 200hp at the wheel. I managed to set a 750-M-BF record in Utah last summer with a 180mph qualifying run and 184 mph backup run on the intermediate 5mile course. Next time I’ll try for the long course and see what it can REALLY do! Engine Management System - Megasquirt 2, V3.0 board operating MS2extra 3.4.2. I have a CANEGT module with 4 closed tip probes for 1-4cyl, 2 open tip probes mounted in special adapters to read pre and post oil cooler temps, and one mounted right after the turbo to show me turbo ou
  11. Has anyone found the answer to this? I’ve been long for some info regarding the spacing as well- I want to TURBO/EFI a 600katana
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