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  1. Sorry already sold it. But if you need one, I think you can build it yourself for around 1200~1500 dollars or so
  2. Hi, yeah it was a Pete kit, but i got tired of if, it was running fine in the end, but carburetor is not for me. So I’m starting to build another turbo setup with gtx2860r gen 2 and fuel injection
  3. I’m done with carburetor, bought proboost adapter but is different of what I thought that I was going to get... pretty disappointed to be honest... im going to convert it to fuel injection using Fueltech ecu
  4. But I do have a fuel pump and a regulator, then the return is using this tube for a fuel return, just like a EFI system
  5. The fuel return is using this pipe, so I don’t need to weld another return, the return needs to be under the fuel level, no? So it doesn’t create bubbles that can be sucked by the fuel pump Yes they are, they go all the way under the tank to the gas cap, I cut it so I can use the tube for a turn left, is not a carb breather anymore yeah, I thought about that, unfortunately now is too late, I don’t have another exhaust... I still can try to run the bike without the fuel pump and everything, maybe I’m going to do that, start over
  6. Yes I did that, I just didn’t the exact place to measure, because the top of the carburetor is not flap, but now is parallel to the body, I think is at 14mm
  7. Yeah I did that, just didn’t measure the height, just placed then aligned to the body
  8. Just posted my introduction, thank you
  9. Is my first time doing a Turbo motorcycle, it was always a dream to own one PS: my English is kind bad so excuse me if i write something wrong Bought a Bandit 1200S 2000 with 41k miles I got a Turbo kit for my B12, and some Hayabusa pistons, bought new OEM needles and springs because it had different parts replaced the gauge for a TFT one But now comes the worst part... When i got everything installed the return was a little restrictive because i used the breathing tube from the gas tank and gas started to go inside the plenum and inside the turbo, was a h
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