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  1. Thanks for welcoming me to your old school site, and thanks for checking out my post and I appreciate the comments . The chirping is cool , but can't tell when it is coming from the hood or a troll .
  2. Do not agree that the turbo is a "waste of time." The bike actually cruises well, similar to the 72 Cadillac Eldorado I once owned. If I want to do more than cruise I have an R1 for that. The gs will get to the track once a year , and whenever the street allows, when the boost hits , it will bring excitement and a smile. I am 62 years old. When I was in grade 12 , I rode a polished, ported , denco chambers 1972 H2 : "widow maker". That was after experience on dirt bike and s, RD 350 , and S2 350. I know how to ride within the limits of what I am riding. This gs will cruise , corne
  3. 1982 gs 1100 turbo This is a retired bracket bike that ran 9.2 @ 155 mph, 12 pounds boost, pump gas Body work is all original paint, except front fender from a 1981 to go with the 81 forks. Hahn Racecraft turbo kit 1166 , mtc turbo pistons , 8:1 compression block o ringed and prepped at Schnitz Racing straight cut primary gear, welded crank undercut transmission heavy duty studs mre lock up clutch mre air shifter manual cam chain tensioner 6 inch over calfab swingarm ZX10 rear wheel
  4. I am having the same problem with ss super e draw through, rajay turbo. Small tire gs 1168 dragbike running on street . If I takes off the air filter it runs fairly smooth till cruising at highway speed then it stumbles , big bog if you do not roll on throttle just right. Put the air filter on then the bog issue is much better but at lower speed cruising it runs rough. I am wondering is hs 42 would improve things or if I built an air box ? Only running 7 pounds boost for now, and back when it raced we ran pump gas and 12 pounds boost about 190 hp.
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