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  1. Brilliant SwissToni, that is exactly the one. And from this Eblag listing https://www.Eblag.co.uk/itm/99000-10105-00N-SUZUKI-VINTAGE-MOTORCYCLE-PAINT-PURE-ORANGE/253523042024?epid=701995059&hash=item3b07269ee8:g:6IQAAOSwSJVaulK7 it would appear that perhaps the spelling has been corrupted over the years. Either way, it looks as if the corrrect paint code is 00N. Just what I needed to get some touch up paimnt. Thank you very much, I really tried all over the net and I couldn't find it. Regards, Brian.
  2. Good morning, I have a 1979 registered GS750, originally supplied to the Italian market. Tank and tailpiece are orangey red, solid paint rather than metallic or pearl. Does anyone know the paint code please? Or where it is on the bike? Or a colour from something else that is a good match? Thank you, Brian.
  3. Thank you, I reckon I'm going to leave well alone.
  4. Thank you very much. I did think about that, and did briefly try it with my cordless so it'd work, but as it only goes forwards I'd have to take the mph one from 55,000 through past 100,000 and on to 28,000; that'd take 30 whole days at 100mph. So I was thinking of the possibility of taking the mileometer to bits and rearranging the cogs, but in reality I'd probably knacker it up. It was just a thought! Thank you for all the replies much appreciated. Regards, Brian.
  5. Brilliant! Thank you very much for replying. I was also wondering if anyone knows if it's it's possible to change the mileage on the 550 speedo? My bike has done (I think) about 44,000km, which equates to about 28,000 miles but the 550 speedo I've bought (I was 90% sure it was compatible at the time) has 55,000m on it. If possible I'd like the mileage to be correct for the bike. Is the mileometer part made in such a way to prevent this being done? "Clocking" and all that? Thank you again, Brian.
  6. Hi all, My first post on here I have a GS750 with a kph speedo, and would like to replce it with an mph one. Does anyone know if a GS550 one would be a direct replacement? It looks the same, and according to the (sorry!) Haynes manual the front wheel is the same. I've tried a search on here, but I couldn't find anything about this. Thank you, Brian.
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