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  1. SP500 work on 6 hole carriers.
  2. I probably know the answer to this stupid question allready but......
  3. Big thank you to all! Got a cheap set from a 1127, off of that site....
  4. There are different part numbers for the two, 1052 (16480-06b02) have been discontinued.
  5. I'm collecting bits to convert short stroke 750 into a 1052. Will the oil return pipes for a 1127 work?
  6. I wonder how they compare to older rsu stuff? Probably not much different...
  7. '85 and up gsx750es/ef (and 700 that was u.s. only) too.
  8. Whole early teapot front end is an easy swap that looks like that era, are easy to get and are cheap. I had one on mine years ago.
  9. I got one off that auction site for about a tenner....
  10. Prostock dragbikes use vacuum pumps.
  11. I was told years back that kaw 1000 j model boots worked for that type of swap. Try a search on the GSresources forum.
  12. Wow! i would give my right (and only) kidney for that.
  13. '04 1200 Blandit left side wheel spacer has a shield on it that covers those. That is if you have that style of axle....
  14. Teapot front fork, and wheels with the brakes are an easy upgrade. Cheap too. Mine had that set-up for years.
  15. Okay, so i found a clutch on that site. Will i need to find a set of 1052 alternator gears too?
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