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  1. Unless you're building a track bike RS is all you require for good street performance, 36RS on my efe
  2. If you compare the hp and torque specs of the efe's to many modern bikes the stock efe engine still an impressive and competitive engine with loads of room for improvement. Where the efe lags behind newer bikes is in suspension, brakes and weight, all of which can be updated and improved.
  3. In need of parts try OldMotorcycleShop web site, located in Calgary, internet sellers for vintage bikes.
  4. As for forks and keeping an oem look which I did, consider RaceTech emulators. I'm incredibly fortunate to have a mechanic nearby who has a long history on the WorldSBK circuit who gives free advice when supplied with doughnuts. When I was looking into a front end fork swap finding the appropriate forks was a challenge he said the Racetech emulators were top notch equivalent of many fork upgrades only USD forks being clearly better. The emulators were a vast improvement over the oem performance and eliminated the anti-dive feature at the same time. Improved handling, oem appearance.
  5. I would think these off my efe would fit but I'm no expert. Heavy as f@ck about, 35lbs I think.
  6. I don't see the point of spending cash to restore a $2-3K bike to original oem level for it only be worth $3k when I'm done. But we don't all have the same objectives.
  7. will an oem '84 GS1150efe 4x2 exhaust fit a GS1100esd, I'd think they'd be very close
  8. And on this side of the pond there is a difference between Canadian and US models and identification. It's all a real pain in the arse when you need spares, regardless how many models share the same part it's risky ordering a spare if you don't have 100% confidence it's going to fit. It took a number of hours but I finally sourced the appropriate parts 18t front and 43T rear sprocket from Dime City Cycle in the USA and a 120 link Regina chain from FortNine in Canada. I never would've guessed it would be so time consuming. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their knowledge.
  9. Now the pain of dealing with suppliers that won't supply a listing of 530 sprockets, only offering the oem 630s as the only option for the efe. It would help if there was away to confirm what other models/years of 530, 525 or 520 would fit on the efe.
  10. Then comes the choice of acceleration vs fuel economy, naturally I want both at the same time. I've added about 20hp and shed 40-50lbs of dry weight so bumping up the front sprocket one tooth to 18 won't cost me any significant acceleration. That should result in better range at highway cruising speeds and nearly idle through 30kph school zones in 3rd. 18-48 or 18-43 would seem to be the best fit for my needs at this time. Knowing the speed limits of the main roads vary from 110- 130kph I'm leaning toward 18-43. What I can source quickly may influence the final decision.
  11. Of coars,e it was the risk of buying something a couple links too short that was a worry. Maybe It could be returned if I kept clean but shipping down time would likely be month.
  12. I'll give that a try with Gear Commander and see what I can come up. Sprocket of 17 or 18T seems to be common choices up front, for the rear anything from 43 to 50. Chain length is still a mystery. No listings for the efe seems to be more common than I expected, I've come across a number of other web sites which also have a gap for 84-86 efe. I did find a UK website has a complete conversion kit but shipping costs were horrendous($100 CDN). I'll need to piece something together from N American suppliers.
  13. Gear Commander is great tool for sprocket calculation. Except for one oversight, it seems to list every bike Suzuki ever made... except the 84-86 GS1150/1100efe. Maybe I can still make it work if I dig a little deeper for technical info.
  14. Good info thanks, it always helps when someone has been down that road before. I've only done two other chain conversions over 40 years it's not something I've any significant knowledge of.
  15. That's helpful. I was confused by one supplier offering an 5/8 offset front sprocket but also selling front sprockets with no offset, non stock wheels would explain that.
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