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  1. Hmmm which are nearest length and nearest stem length to WN/WP? Any idea?
  2. Crikey!!! What are this lot off? I was thinking maybe K6 might be an option... I'd prefer to go with Suzuki if possible.
  3. Ah that’s part of the situation: I don’t have the original yokes and therefore no stem either. So I was kind of hoping that an entire front end transplant may be possible. Otherwise I’ve gotta buy an entire front end and a set of standard yokes. Incidentlaly: if I DID do that, how would I know if the original stem could be pressed into a later yoke? Wouldn’t I need to know the stem diameter in order to do that?
  4. Hi all, I'm new on the forum and have several bikes (all different makes) as well as an old RGV250 so I fit the Suzuki mould. I've recently bought a 1993 GSXR 750 WP/WN, and it's basically just a frame, engine, tank and loom. I'm gonna need an entire front end. I want something modern, USD. So my question is: Which entire front ends are plug and play? I have read everything on every flipping forum, and I can find fork diameters, offsets, and the like but NOTHING on stem length. Using a bearing kit I can adapt whichever, but which front ends will fit with NO stem modification? Any ide
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