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  1. Ok, sorry....I read the rules and introduced myself in the general area, my bad... I made the diagram based on parts diagrams found online, some are such bad scans that you can't read the numbers, also many websites won't show the required number of each stud because they are discontinued. I have ordered an original Suzuki parts microfiche off Eblag. I have the aftermarket studs from APE and they are different lengths, and I also measured the head and the only location that appears to be different are the ones with the dowels, marked "5" in my diagram, which need the long studs. Thx kbbeckius
  2. I'm trying to confirm the locations of the different length cylinder studs on the GS1150. I have the factory manual, however they don't remove them from the engine case. I scoured the Internet and was unable to find much information on the topic. I was however able to use the parts diagrams and information from various companies globally to create a diagram. There seems to be an early and late variant of the cylinder studs. Can anyone verify that what I've come up with is correct? Thx kbbeckius
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