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  1. Oh and everything else new or refinished.....I wish I could keep this gem
  2. 2 good replies and one hilarious one. Where is fuel tank breather on this bike? I'll check CC breather, I assume that's the one on top of Motaur
  3. Couldnt fine stock jetting sizes but fuel was horrible...looked like coffee. Ultrasonic'd the carbs and put on new filters, plugs and exhaust. Starts and idles great, bolt check today and taking it out for road test. Bike will be for sale soon
  4. ^^^^^thank you! Bike done BTW
  5. Ok here is a weird one that has got me stumped. GS700E, I'm trying to get the carbs jetted right and its giving me fits. Previous owner has pod filters on it but stock exhaust. While I was riding it around the block the other day, it had this strange sound, best was to describe it was like alot of air escaping. Phssssssst!! Lol... scared the crap outta me....never been on a bike that has done that. Almost sounds like the bypass on a turbo.....Happened once before. Have no clue what this could be. Definitely not the tires and I doubt it could be the front fork air assist because is sound like
  6. duh...sorry cap, 82 GS1100E
  7. My question of the day gents. 82 GS1100E - mostly original, but has a horrible old Kerker pipe that I'm ditching for a Delkevik, and it has pod air filters, was thinking of going back to stock airbox, but since it already piped Im going to do some K&Ns, and ditch the ugly pod filters on it now. currently mains are 130 and pilots are 45s. should I leave or change those to different sizes. Plugs are dark, but not sooty...
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