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  1. I've used Westfield a few times - great service. For a lot of my stainless stuff I go to eBlag and use "Kay's." Again, great service! Bike looks awesome with the fairing on, and the engine build is looking top quality too!
  2. Just read the entire thread. Absolutely amazing work and top talent!
  3. I'm stripping an engine Brian, and it's my first time (giggity). You can do it!
  4. So I've updated my project thread, but I'm yet to fully pull the bottom crankcase off - got a couple of stubborn bolts (namely the 2 allen ones at the front of the block, and the screws that hold in the ignition timing plate) so am awaiting a delivery of tools for the job. However, I've found a few chunks of metal, so chances are something has definitely broken. Can't see what just yet though, although I can see one cog on the gearbox with damage to the teeth by the looks of it. https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/forums/topic/14026-project-gnome-2-get-to-da-chopppeerrr/?do=findComment&c
  5. So timing is lined up now. @Dezzawhat should I be looking for now with regards to the transmission?
  6. So starter and alternator are still attached. Removed clutch and everything now moves freely!
  7. Found the first problem. No left-hand pushrod!
  8. Oh yes! GSX750F manual was downloaded the other day. Currently browsing it.
  9. Well, seeing as this will be my first stripdown (calm down back there, I meant in terms of engines!), then I'll be probably asking for some guidance on that!
  10. Don't worry, I know not to do that. Although I fear the replacement rotor I've purchased may also be destined for the scrap pile (FFS).
  11. Thanks Gents. Will hopefully get chance to take a look this evening! Hoping it's just sat in gear, fingers crossed, but as mentioned, I'd like to strip it down to check everything anyway as it's probably been sat for a while and is a bit of an unknown quantity.
  12. FFS, why didn't I think of that! It's missing the sprocket cover and a clutch cable, but the foot lever is in the spares I believe. Assume I can just "crash" it into neutral?
  13. Hello gents, So after taking the side cases off the Teapot motor, I found a rounded off Timing rotor. I've got a replacement and fitted it, but I have found that upon trying to manually turn it, it's started to round off because everything seems seized. I tried putting some oil down the spark plug holes a few days ago, in the hope it might help lube everything up, but it doesn't seem to want to budge (plus this rotor will be mullered if I try and force it anymore). So I suspect the rounded off rotor I originally found was a sign of something - A potentially seized engine
  14. Looks nice and aggressive. I like it!
  15. Gnome

    what to do...?

    Good price I reckon for that!
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