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  1. I had a look in the garage and the only paperwork I have left is the original NZ reg doc and MOT (Rego?) that came with the bike. Nothing with any specs on as such.... sorry Still reckon your best bet is persuading someone on here from NZ to try and track you down a (Haynes or NZ equivalent) manual from there and post it to the UK? There must be something as they were fairly popular there?
  2. I wrote a GS1200SS off in July, it did indeed have 32mm carbs on it, so if you could find the jet sizes it could be done. The parts from my crashed bike are on eblag, there is the set of carbs on there, but they are £££. He sent me the cheque for the salvage instead of the insurance company by mistake, £350.... The engine is up for sale too, but he wants £800 Steer clear of that as it had developed a gearbox issue just before I crashed it Send me a PM if you have any questions, I'll try and help....
  3. Strange, we had to wiggle it and lift the frame off at a bit of an angle but it came off with the oil filter and everything on. Like someone said above, surely they didn't fit a part assembled engine into the frame then fit the sump and oil filter on the production line?
  4. Not necessary, I sold the motor out of my parts bike to Bill D a couple of months ago. Removed carbs and inlet rubbers,laid it on it's side on a tyre, my mrs. helped me but we manoeuvred it up and off with stripping anything off the engine. Patience is your friend
  5. I've got a spare if you're interested, came out of a working bike £25 + post?
  6. Thanks Foz but I need all 4 I'm afraid....
  7. I've got a 750 Slabside Micron full exhaust system in my possession but the header spigots and spring plates are in poor condition. Not expecting anyone to have any spare originals, but is there anyone on here who could make a set of spigots that I could get welded into the header ends? I could just use standard type exhaust flanges with them then, I guess? Thanks
  8. Those bottom ones are expensive
  9. We have a discrepancy Now is it 91mm or 92mm for the brake side
  10. +1 - I did this with Simoniz Tough Satin Black on my slabby (see Skoal Slabby in Project section) then left a hairdaryer pointed at them for a couple of hours to 'bake' them. Came up a treat, have spilt brake fluid on when refilling and bleeding and still look good
  11. No-one done this, heard it's a common thing to get some extra ride height?
  12. OK, probably been asked before but here goes... Got a Hagon shock in my Skoal Bandit slabby project bike. The rear end sits a bit low to the eye so wanting to put an 1100 linkage in (have already sourced one). Have heard it mentioned that it needs modifying, so am wondering what I need to do to mod it to fit? Thanks
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